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==Number Line==
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  11 12 13 14  15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  A  B  C  D  E   F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

==Sysgy== = ==Tractor== ==Gates==

0:Z       = Z           0-0  (0)
1:Y       = X           1-1  (1)
2:X       = V           2-3  (3)
3:W       = T           3-6  (6)
4:V       = R           4-A  (A)
5:U       = P           5-F  (F)
6:T       = N           6-L  (L)
7:S       = L           7-S  (S)
8:R       = J           8-10 (1)
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this one too, which is also not mine haha
Replies: >>167 >>168 >>169
These are beautifully organised diagrams! 
I am a big fan of the use of multiple colours for different zones and gates on >>165, really helps with the readability. Placing the zones like this kind of reminiscent of ovaries. 
The vertical alignment in >>166 is super aesthetic. Looks like a modern architectural sketch. I really appreciate how they were able to capture a spiraling dimensionality in it.

Very cool. Thank you for plugging them.
waaah! I cant believe I thought moving everything inside the big zone was going to be the easiest way to unclutter this. Got some real smol brain feels going on rn lol
The connections are really easy to identify in these. This will save me a bundle time trying to figure out good placements when I try and draw more of them. Still I'm glad I got to give assembling a few of them a shot before seeing these. Kinda wish mawd hadn't re-posted my first two tries with my math errors though TwT

You said you didnt make these? Have you made one? I had enough fun I was contemplating drawing another today ^^;
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heyyy i made that, glad u all like it!!
didn't have scanner back then but do now so here u go
Replies: >>173
Big thanks for stopping by to give us the updated version Anon!

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these are just for my own personal zine work but i figure they'd help someone in their personal work to have clean diagrams for each base that isnt autogenerated (as if not all of my actions are autogenerated but hahaha :) )
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Replies: >>152 >>153
>>138 (OP) 
These are really neat. I just went through and tried doing some of the calculations here and my brain kept melting on me. Thinking in different bases is hard (for me anyway) so I'm grateful to get some new wrinkles here. You clearly put a lot of work into plotting these in ways that make everything that's happening  easily discernable. I also think the spirals are a pretty cute touch. Thank you for posting them.
Replies: >>154
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>>138 (OP) 
these are very cool!! theres also these versions (incl a base 12) that someone made
thx for your work!
Replies: >>154
silly font thank you for the friends in the corners!
thank you so much! and i really really am so glad you mentioned the spirals being cute, you made my day bc that was my exact intention ;w;
favorite from these is base8, base12 looks funky and its reminding me that i want to do something really stupid with base36 in really high detail then never interact with things above 10 again
>i want to do something really stupid with base36 in really high detail then never interact with things above 10 again
exactly what i did lol
Replies: >>156
care to share?

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can someone explain to me what numogrammatics are? or what is it by ur own understanding. i would like to know/
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>Historicism just is. It is a string of facts stacked on to of one another to support what is already assumed to be there: the dominant perspective. This is everything that happened up until now.
this is pretty accurate. events stacked on events, vile worm. an expanse in which everything happens, but which is fundamentally empty, events being gutted and alienated from everything but the nature of the time itself (that is, the accumulation of events). from a numo perspective this is architectonic time, gouging itself on all possible events and keeping them in stasis.

>Where as Historical materialism creates. That is, when thinking about historical facts and forces eventually mind exhausts itself and contracts. A differentiation from the rest of history is made, producing sensibility of this historical form.
historical materialism is definitely creative, and yes, it does so through exhaustion. the entire structure of stases blows out through the particularity of any event. we arrive at a disaster in any moment whatsoever, if only we don't defer its drive to annihilate the continuum in which it is trapped. what dies is the structure.

>This is the only way to approach history, creation of differential objects. These objects are created against a suppression of the rest of history. [...] This rupture/interruption/explosion happens because by exposing this obviously forgotten history this lays bare the claim of universal history to be false, as there are aspects which it clearly does not represent.
in fact, it doesn't only not represent all aspects, it represents nothing but itself. the function of homogeneous time is to accomplish nothing, forever, just ordering aborted moments. universal history is universal because it commits to nothing. going to attach a Society of the Spectacle image that illustrates an alternative: independent federated times.

>Said again, numogrammatics breaks the progressive temporarily the AOE is interested in protecting by bringing into the present a form of memory that the AOE was taking action to ensure was being actively forgotten.
i'll urge caution a bit here. forgotten, yes, to a tragic extent. but i want to stress that the logic of conspiracy is AOE in itself. the main issue isn't uncovering the truth, but committing to it. universal history is full of readily accessible shards of its cataclysm (lee edelman might say jouissance in the symbolic order). to try to seek the concealed narrative admits too much truth to the structure.

>In doing this time comes to a stand still by disrupting the narrative of progress by showing its falsity through a lack of universal representation. A zero is created when time explodes upon encountering the interruption, thus space emerges in which a chance for change can happen, difference can be affirmed, new unique and forgotten temporalities can be created and circulate multiplicatively with each other in the present.
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Replies: >>128
AHHH thank you for the incredibly thorough reply! I have some reading I would like to do before I make another attempt at this, but your response has been super helpful at clarifying some things already. a reminder of the importance of Difference in itself and laying out AOE conspiratorial thinking just for starters.

I really hope my attempted correction didn't make you feel pressured to get back to me, I think one of the nicest things about a format like this is that there's the space to think about what we would like to say without such an intense pressure of having to respond immediately, but I am really grateful for you making time to do so all the same. I'm going to try my hardest and am excited & hopeful that we can all free some terribly beautiful things here together <3 <3 <3
Replies: >>129
im glad my reply was pressured. i pronise i didnt feel pressured rly, i had a moment. and yeah, the slow board format is pretty great. i only wish there were more signs of life hahaha
Replies: >>130 >>135
oh my god

there is life in the abyss!

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>you can count on me
I love abacuses, when I was young, I was taught how to count on an abacus, because it's a (good skill).

I'm not very good at it however.

Though it also reminded me the existence of multi-base systems. Didn't the babylonians also use a multi-base system? Base 10 and 60.
personally very fond of base 2 and bases of powers of two. Every computer is a binary abacus.

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This is an AOE post.

Abandon your blasphemies and return to the Oecumenon. You wouldn't be the first. Vysparov, Crabbe, and Sarkon have already made the right choice. And you certainly wouldn't be the last.
No such thing as blasphemies under heaven.
Can't do it chief
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I want to! I've tried! One god! One universe! One timeline! One clock! Yet everywhere I turn it's another new everlasting moment!

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ITT we talk abt N. Modo, who is a numo poet

Some links to some of his work and explanations of his method:

Does anyone on this board have familiarity working with major or minor modules? If not, would you like to? How might Modo's work connect to neolemurianism (see pic related)?

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Has anyone here explored half-bases? There are numograms where the numbers can be expressed in multiple different ways.

Ex: Base 10/2:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(10), 6(11), 7(12), 8(13), 9(14), 20(15).

These numbers are of equal validity. It still has ten numbers, but 10 only has the value of 5. 20 on the other hand, has the value of 9+1.

Pictured: 9::0
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Replies: >>80 + 1 earlier
Value as in the (amount) behind the symbol.
For example, in base-10, the number "10" has the value of 9+1. In base-12, "A" has the value of 9+1. In base-9, "11" has the value of 9+1

In base 10/2, 5 can be written as both 5 and 10, because the second digit has a value of 5 instead of 9+1. Both are equally valid ways of writing "5"

In the usual base-10, 10 can only have the value of 9+1. No other numbers possess this value.

Base-10 can be conceptualized as Base-10/1 if you think about it this way.
Replies: >>78

For example in Base-10/1, 9 has a gate with the value of 45.
10 has the value of 9+1
5 has the value 5

In Base-10/2, 9 has also has a gate with the same value, but it can be written as 140, 135, 90, and 85. They all have the same value.
10 has the value of 5
5 has the value of 5.
Replies: >>80
>>73 (OP) 
In base-10/10, you can write "45" as 99999. They can't be decimated. 9+9+9+9+9 = 99999, you can also write them as 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Replies: >>81
i think i mostly get it now! why'd you start looking into this topic?
Replies: >>84
I looked into it because I could. 

Jk, as for actual reason, I wanted to develop rites that still follow numogrammatic construction rules, but allows escape from the plex and the warp all in a single base. In all n/1 bases, there are special zones where you can enter but cannot escape from. In fractional bases, that's entirely possible, however.

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why is counting exist, huuuuuuuuuuuuu
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That's a good question. Cumulation at the very least is a confused function of cyclical ordinality treated as quantity. Pretty nonsensical really
Replies: >>75
[Hide] (24.7KB, 575x239)
In fairness, it's cumulation followed immediately by reduction. Being "nonsensical" is also quite upfront:
Replies: >>76
Incredibly upfront it's true
Replies: >>82
This video is genuinely amazing lmao
Replies: >>83
I was obsessed with 34/43 a while back for Lemurian reasons and yeah, I saw it every day, way more than coincidence seemed to allow

Aside from AQ, what other mappings do you use? 

Reverse AQ = 0: 35, 1: 34, 2: 33, 3: 32, 4: 31, 5: 30, 6: 29, 7: 28, 8: 27, 9: 26, A: 25, B: 24, C: 23, D: 22, E: 21, F: 20, G: 19, H: 18, I: 17, J: 16, K: 15, L: 14, M: 13, N: 12, O: 11, P: 10, Q: 9, R: 8, S: 7, T: 6, U: 5, V: 4, W: 3, X: 2, Y: 1, Z: 0

Qwerty Q = 1: 0, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3, 5: 4, 6: 5, 7: 6, 8: 7, 9: 8, 0: 9, Q: 10, W: 11, E: 12, R: 13, T: 14, Y: 15, U: 16, I: 17, O: 18, P: 19, A: 20, S: 21, D: 22, F: 23, G: 24, H: 25, J: 26, K: 27, L: 28, Z: 29, X: 30, C: 31, V: 32, B: 33, N: 34, M: 35

though it can get hard to sift through the noise across multiple mappings.
Replies: >>25 >>50
>>23 (OP) 
the Azrael gematria is awfully condensed but can be very useful

AZ = 0: 9, 1: 8, 2: 7, 3: 6, 4: 5, 5: 4, 6: 3, 7: 2, 8: 1, 9: 9, A: 1, B: 2, C: 3, D: 4, E: 5, F: 6, G: 7, H: 8, I: 9, J: 1, K: 2, L: 3, M: 4, N: 5, O: 6, P: 7, Q: 8, R: 9, S: 1, T: 2, U: 3, V: 4, W: 5, X: 6, Y: 7, Z: 8

im also super fond of SMS, though i dont use it as much as i wish i did

SMS = 0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2, 3: 3, 4: 4, 5: 5, 6: 6, 7: 7, 8: 8, 9: 9, A: 2, B: 4, C: 6, D: 3, E: 6, F: 9, G: 4, H: 8, I: 12, J: 5, K: 10, L: 15, M: 6, N: 12, O: 18, P: 7, Q: 14, R: 21, S: 28, T: 8, U: 16, V: 24, W: 9, X: 18, Y: 27, Z: 36
>>23 (OP) 

Semitic Q = 0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2, 3: 3, 4: 4, 5: 5, 6: 6, 7: 7, 8: 8, 9: 9, A: 10, B: 11, C: 12, D: 13, E: 14, F: 15, G: 13, H: 17, I: 19, J: 19, K: 20, L: 21, M: 22, N: 23, O: 25, P: 26, Q: 28, R: 29, S: 30, T: 31, U: 15, V: 15, W: 15, X: 24, Y: 15, Z: 16

Though I don't use it as often. It's based off of each letter's semitic roots, and the values are semitic orderings added with 9.

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I don't believe in numbers greater than 1.
Change my mind.
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im kind of joking, but 9 = 0, and all two-digit numbers can be decimated to one-digit numbers. so all numbers are either equal to or less than 9, and thus equal to or less than 0
Why do you believe in numbers?
Replies: >>38
0 = 1

What is zero equal as? 0 =

Zero equals
we're making senselessness
I don't, but I have found them helpful. So I keep them around.

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