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i will go to therapy only when i can find a freudo-barkerian therapist. explain to me that my repetition compulsions are caused by the captured core of the earth and give me an eight-step program to complete and then transcend the time circuit
Look at what happens when you have hyperstition without numogrammatics:
Looking for some clarification here

<The tree of life is essentially qliphothic

Essentially the article seems to exist to point out the absolutely arbitrary nature in which both trees are assembled. In particular the supremacy of one, the unitary, the order of  ascension and the inclusion of 10 ma'alkuth and 11 da'ath in the trees at all. The 22 paths also seem to be in the line of firre having no coherent conception behind their arrangement on the tree. 

The line "One might as easily shuffle the all these elements on a whiskey-soaked bar-table, entirely without systematic motivation or lucid intelligence and call the result a 'qabbalistic' revelation.' perhaps has something to do with the tile? Considering that the shells are what keep the sections of the Qabalah separated from one another. similarly the claim that it is qliphotic is a mockery of its claim of divine nature over the left tree of knowledge whose elements are significantly less well distinguished, almost all consist of lust or sexual perversion at least in part. I also take this line to say something about how the numogram takes the soup from all the elements from the table and applies them in a system of relations that are more than just reason of human sentimentality to tradition.

So I am left wondering, does the numogram contain all aspects of both trees within the ten digits or only the elements of the tree of knowledge with the Atlantean cross and its emphasis on order containing the elements spilled from the tree of life?
Here is my attempt at understanding what's going on here

When the demon Ummnu provokes Murrumur and she poses the question "How can the end be already in the middle of the beginning". The answer is that being is becoming; the end IS the beginning (which on a circle is the middle). Being is also selection, and so Ummnu, Murrumur, Katak, and Oddubb which moves through the time circuit. There are two returns/affirmations which interact. The great eternal return of the cosmic period (the time circuit), smaller return which takes the cosmic period as its object. In a second sense, that which is capable of taking the cosmic period as its object, we also have the will to power considered as the great ring which is affirmed by an inner loving reflection that affirms its own difference.

Ummnu, and internal reflection to Murrumur, selects for the end and brings its message to Murrumurr [9::8] (half hidden in the depths of Murrumur [8::1] and half hidden deeper still) is unknown to Katak and Oddubb -- [5::4] and [7::2] respectively. Katak knows only becoming as being, only being as rushing around the time circuit, Katak selects for destructive force and action, things have simply always been happening. She hears the riddle and rushes off to her lair: that is she patrols Time again (for the first time, as every cycle is different, every "again" is the first), and becomes ever more certain things don't change. Oddubb forgets even her forgetting, until it's entirely uncertain that there was ever anything to be certain about. Oddubb selects for forgetting to make room to take action. Murrumurr is selection of withdrawal and contemplation and can never forget enough to come to a conclusion that would lead to action. Murrumur (always deep in contemplation) can't forget, and so cannot cast off the question. She may figure it out, but then again -- since it has already been so long -- maybe she never will.  All three together make up the transmutation of the great cosmic period. contemplation -> forgetting -> action -> contemplation
base hexadecimal w/ sub-base balanced ternary (white +1 sun/gray 0 space/black -1 earth)

from outside in the elements are fire, air, water and earth
helloooooo? is anybody out there?
ITT you talk about any lemur that makes you happy. double points if not a syzygy, triple points if not a syzygy or a xeno (but syzygies and xenos still welcome)
ITT we share rare numograms we've saved
==Number Line==
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  11 12 13 14  15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  A  B  C  D  E   F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

==Sysgy== = ==Tractor== ==Gates==

0:Z       = Z           0-0  (0)
1:Y       = X           1-1  (1)
2:X       = V           2-3  (3)
3:W       = T           3-6  (6)
4:V       = R           4-A  (A)
5:U       = P           5-F  (F)
6:T       = N           6-L  (L)
7:S       = L           7-S  (S)
8:R       = J           8-10 (1)
9:Q       = H           9-19 (A)
A:P       = F           A-1J (K)
B:O       = D           B-1U (V)
C:N       = B           C-26 (8)
D:M       = 9           D-2J (L)
E:L       = 7           E-2X (Z)
F:K       = 5           F-3C (F)
G:J       = 3           G-3S (V)
H:I       = 1           H-49 (D)

I                       I-4R (V)
J                       J-5A (F)
K                       K-5U (Z)
L                       L-6F (L)
M                       M-71 (8)
N                       N-7O (V)
O                       O-8C (K)
P                       P-91 (A)
Q                       Q-9R (1)
R                       R-AI (S)
S                       S-BA (L)
T                       T-C3 (F)
U                       U-CX (A)
V                       V-DS (6)
W                       W-EO (3)
X                       X-FL (1)
Y                       Y-GJ (Z)
Z                       Z-HI (Z)


I think its cute how it folds on HI. 
B:O=D is pretty interesting.
0 1 F L & Z gates all loop to themselves. 
W 7 & P gates go to their sysygy
V & F are surprisingly popular with 4 gates to them. A 1 & Z also have four gates but theirs return to themselves.
9 and P being mirrors of 19 and 91 is neat since 9 is a mirror of P. F and T also do this with C3 and C3 but they're less neat because T and F are not mirrors.

"Making this was pretty fun" - Anon

 "I hope that someday, you'll be reunited with the one you cherish" - Mawd
these are just for my own personal zine work but i figure they'd help someone in their personal work to have clean diagrams for each base that isnt autogenerated (as if not all of my actions are autogenerated but hahaha :) )
can someone explain to me what numogrammatics are? or what is it by ur own understanding. i would like to know/
>you can count on me
This is an AOE post.

Abandon your blasphemies and return to the Oecumenon. You wouldn't be the first. Vysparov, Crabbe, and Sarkon have already made the right choice. And you certainly wouldn't be the last.
ITT we talk abt N. Modo, who is a numo poet

Some links to some of his work and explanations of his method:

Does anyone on this board have familiarity working with major or minor modules? If not, would you like to? How might Modo's work connect to neolemurianism (see pic related)?
Has anyone here explored half-bases? There are numograms where the numbers can be expressed in multiple different ways.

Ex: Base 10/2:
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(10), 6(11), 7(12), 8(13), 9(14), 20(15).

These numbers are of equal validity. It still has ten numbers, but 10 only has the value of 5. 20 on the other hand, has the value of 9+1.

Pictured: 9::0
why is counting exist, huuuuuuuuuuuuu
Aside from AQ, what other mappings do you use? 

Reverse AQ = 0: 35, 1: 34, 2: 33, 3: 32, 4: 31, 5: 30, 6: 29, 7: 28, 8: 27, 9: 26, A: 25, B: 24, C: 23, D: 22, E: 21, F: 20, G: 19, H: 18, I: 17, J: 16, K: 15, L: 14, M: 13, N: 12, O: 11, P: 10, Q: 9, R: 8, S: 7, T: 6, U: 5, V: 4, W: 3, X: 2, Y: 1, Z: 0

Qwerty Q = 1: 0, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 3, 5: 4, 6: 5, 7: 6, 8: 7, 9: 8, 0: 9, Q: 10, W: 11, E: 12, R: 13, T: 14, Y: 15, U: 16, I: 17, O: 18, P: 19, A: 20, S: 21, D: 22, F: 23, G: 24, H: 25, J: 26, K: 27, L: 28, Z: 29, X: 30, C: 31, V: 32, B: 33, N: 34, M: 35

though it can get hard to sift through the noise across multiple mappings.
I don't believe in numbers greater than 1.
Change my mind.
ITT: We post AQ findings.


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