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i will go to therapy only when i can find a freudo-barkerian therapist. explain to me that my repetition compulsions are caused by the captured core of the earth and give me an eight-step program to complete and then transcend the time circuit
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So... I am in a bind with the idea of talking to a therapist wthere I'm afraid they might be involved in anything I were to want to talk to them about.

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ov ev
a one. the one. one ness?
yang. singular. unitary. generally initiatory. 
a dot, ill conceived as a line even if individual.
the magician. the monad, the noble number sire of the gods and men, intellectual hermaphroditism
oddity. being. keter.
always before the many.

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Look at what happens when you have hyperstition without numogrammatics:
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In no way was I implying "whose to say whos wrong or right." Surfboards, boats, and planks all rely on the physical laws of the universe of buoyancy and pressure, among others, to stay afloat. I do affirm a plurality, yes, but that plurality is built upon the implicit understanding on the mechanisms on how to stand on the sea, and that reality is built on many different rigid and non-rigid variables. Those are not pseudo-absolute truths. A boat and a plank is functional. A boat and a block of steel is not. I do not affirm a plurality between a boat and a block of steel. I don't affirm the idea that believing whatever method you have is right. Fuck off.
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I am annoyed of being called "Chaos magicky", of having practical belief, and being compared with self-help books. The way you speak about the numogram as if it's some undeniable truth is laughable. Even if it is, you have to break it. Otherwise, you're no different than an angelic imitation of Lemuria. I will not be replying.
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im not the same anon, and so am hoping the not replying clause doesn't apply to me, because i am interested in the metaphor. would you identify the numogram as an expression of the laws of reality, so to speak, which you can then use to construct a means of navigating them? or is the numogram itself a means, and the laws something else (a kind of tao maybe)?
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The line often gets blurred between the two, so I don't want to say for sure. I would say that the numogram is a memory of certain possibilities. The principle behind its creation being power. Not quite a fundamental law, but not quite a manifestation either.
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I’ve heard Robin Mckay claim “you wont get hyperstition until you get your head around Lovecraft.” So what is hyperstition and what does lovecraft have to do with it?

The ccru glossary defines it as an “Element of effective culture that makes itself real through fictional quantities functioning as time-traveling potentials. Hyperstition operates as a coincidence intensifier, effecting a call to the old ones”¹ This is a bit cumbersome and esoteric for my tastes, so in the interest of clarity it’s more than worth breaking it down. The first bit is essentially fictions that make themselves real. Something which differs from fictions that become real in mechanism, as well as the way we construe it, rather than the result. For example: in ‘’The Evening the Morning and the Night’’ a character reads a science fiction novel involving the concept of palm print reading locks who then spends his time grinding away on this problem until he creates them. In this sense the fiction is made real by this man and we do not have hyperstition. On the other hand if we view the locks as using the man as a vehicle, through the capture of his imagination to actualize, themselves we easily arrive at hyperstition.² We are still lacking the mechanism with which the capture can take place.

The importance of Lovecraft is that his fictions provide both the example and the vehicle for this process which makes it for obvious reasons indisputably hyperstitious.³ So how does this capture take place?
The best place to begin to answer this is at an end, and not just because the end is what produces the attempt at realizing itself.⁴ Though with the mythos distributed so broadly throughout culture it is helpful to attack something more narrow to illustrate the action. The Necronomicon, the magic book within the books, is an excellent figure with which to sketch this study. Manifesting itself in ever iterating and invasive instances from the Evil Dead, to the Elder Scrolls series⁵ with several physical volumes bearing the title. One of the more interesting of which comes to us in the form of the Simon Necronomicon.⁶ 

Where Lovecraft excels most is world crafting, an art which arrives in his tales as an occurrence of actual places with fictional events, characters, and institutions which resonate with an eerie believability. In action this generally means taking a character who is well educated and placing them in a position with a slowly mounting oddity that eventually overpowers what can occur in ‘’reality’’. The onset of madness through horror. A movement from a grounded reality into a space where things that appear unbelievable can be taken as real. The Necronomicon itself is repeated throughout many of Lovecraft's stories without significant elaboration beyond that it contains the methods used to call the old ones.⁷

Echoing the process from which the universe in which it was conceived was constructed, Simon begins by enumerating his discovery of the book, historicizing it in sumerian mythology and attaching Lovecraft to Alester Crowley⁸, before beginning the text with the testimony of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, who authored the text. The entire book is done up in the style of occult books like The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and Ars Goetia, complete with rites, banishments, and seals used to summon the old ones. 

Goetic deamons themselves seem to be of hyperstitional origin. Belial being a prototypical example. Initially a Hebrew adjective meaning worthless that is used significantly throughout the old testament. At some point though they make the jump to a noun, ending up in a position of opposition to god by their single mention in the new testament.⁹ There are a few factors that allow Belial's capture of the imagination on their journey towards actualization. In this case religious fervor played in the key of fear this second aspect is the chord which Lovecraft strikes. Fear of god, of punishment, of eternal damnation, of hell, of death. Psalms 18:5-6 rings as the likeliest culprit. “... the floods of Belial assailed me.” “the cords of Sheol surround me.”¹⁰ Sheol, being the place for departed souls of the dead, in such close proximity to Belial, the adjective, brings us Belial the noun through the second factor; the positive term of loss. From death arises the breath of life. Over the course of several copyings, readings, and translations the change takes root. Loss that takes place in the data transfer due to interpretation, a process which creates a space through which genesis arises to fill the hole. 
“The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…”¹¹ 
and in crept Belial, on the back of fear through a gap in a mind. A similar song can be played by Baal, reproducing into two additional and distinct entities as Belphegor and Baal Berith in the middle ages.¹²Lucifer himself rides through helal¹³ on the back of the fallen king of Babylon.¹⁴
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Looking for some clarification here

<The tree of life is essentially qliphothic

Essentially the article seems to exist to point out the absolutely arbitrary nature in which both trees are assembled. In particular the supremacy of one, the unitary, the order of  ascension and the inclusion of 10 ma'alkuth and 11 da'ath in the trees at all. The 22 paths also seem to be in the line of firre having no coherent conception behind their arrangement on the tree. 

The line "One might as easily shuffle the all these elements on a whiskey-soaked bar-table, entirely without systematic motivation or lucid intelligence and call the result a 'qabbalistic' revelation.' perhaps has something to do with the tile? Considering that the shells are what keep the sections of the Qabalah separated from one another. similarly the claim that it is qliphotic is a mockery of its claim of divine nature over the left tree of knowledge whose elements are significantly less well distinguished, almost all consist of lust or sexual perversion at least in part. I also take this line to say something about how the numogram takes the soup from all the elements from the table and applies them in a system of relations that are more than just reason of human sentimentality to tradition.

So I am left wondering, does the numogram contain all aspects of both trees within the ten digits or only the elements of the tree of knowledge with the Atlantean cross and its emphasis o
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>>207 (OP) 

tradition is important. maybe not as something to cling to, things change, I get that. But we need stories to put things inside, to make sense of the world, of the things that happen to us. Everyone desires understanding and there's no such thing as perfect knowledge. Even if you're updating it a bit, tying it to mathematic immanence or what have you, you're still spinning yarns around that. A world with no tales or legends would be a real hell to inhabit. so you best be careful what you're wishing for lame-o.
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sometimes i wonder if it isnt the stories themselves that cause the changes. Something doesn't have to be true to be believed it only has to be said. who is in a position to verify everything they believe? it seems to me that innumerable thing must be taken on faith.

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Here is my attempt at understanding what's going on here

When the demon Ummnu provokes Murrumur and she poses the question "How can the end be already in the middle of the beginning". The answer is that being is becoming; the end IS the beginning (which on a circle is the middle). Being is also selection, and so Ummnu, Murrumur, Katak, and Oddubb which moves through the time circuit. There are two returns/affirmations which interact. The great eternal return of the cosmic period (the time circuit), smaller return which takes the cosmic period as its object. In a second sense, that which is capable of taking the cosmic period as its object, we also have the will to power considered as the great ring which is affirmed by an inner loving reflection that affirms its own difference.

Ummnu, and internal reflection to Murrumur, selects for the end and brings its message to Murrumurr [9::8] (half hidden in the depths of Murrumur [8::1] and half hidden deeper still) is unknown to Katak and Oddubb -- [5::4] and [7::2] respectively. Katak knows only becoming as being, only being as rushing around the time circuit, Katak selects for destructive force and action, things have simply always been happening. She hears the riddle and rushes off to her lair: that is she patrols Time again (for the first time, as every cycle is different, every "again" is the first), and becomes ever more certain things don't change. Oddubb forgets even her forgetting, until it's entirely uncertain that th
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>>192 (OP) 
I find your analysis interesting, if I'm understanding it right then I could say that the inner loop reflects the outer loop in a loving, affirming way– also the elements of the outer cosmic loop that are reflected (selected) by the inner constitute one's being. Would it be correct to say that selection is being, and that being is selection?

I'm still working out exactly how the lemurs mentioned play into this. Are these smaller inner loops making up the homonculus loop?

What does this mean for you in your life right now? that is, given that this is your view, how does it affect the things you do and the way you see things?
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>I find your analysis interesting, if I'm understanding it right then I could say that the inner loop reflects the outer loop in a loving, affirming way– also the elements of the outer cosmic loop that are reflected (selected) by the inner constitute one's being. Would it be correct to say that selection is being, and that being is selection?

The inner loop is self reflection, but self reflection is itself a mirror process of outward looking apprehension. So there are three or four loops depending on whether you consider the inner loop when regarding the cosmic period as its own loop comprised of two loops or whether those two loops are something different when considered in regard to the cosmic period. I'm not sure I understand how you are using reflected as selected here because the loops aren't selecting for each other exactly. The outer loop is reflected in and affirmed by the inner loop. Being is selection because being is becoming, in that what returns to being is what was selected for; the reactive force strong enough to return and be transmuted into active force. Loving and affirming is correct though.  

>I'm still working out exactly how the lemurs mentioned play into this. Are these smaller inner loops making up the homunculus loop?

I'm not completely sure what you mean b
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>>192 (OP) 
Just think it might be worth mentioning that Katak has a right that travels around the circuit. 
'418725' and had been likened the uroboros that you have depicted there. i.e. chasing her own tail. She's also the only sysygetic lemur that has a right that takes them anywhere besides between their pair, what a cutie.

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base hexadecimal w/ sub-base balanced ternary (white +1 sun/gray 0 space/black -1 earth)

from outside in the elements are fire, air, water and earth
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(white 0/black 1)

heres a map of time marching which is a companion to time slippage
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heart/chevron shaped array of syzygies

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helloooooo? is anybody out there?
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just got home from a bat mitzvah. feeling good, how are you anon?
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Oh neat. It always fun to have a celebration. Glad to hear you're feeling good.
I'm doing alright. Feeling a little bit disoriented so I'm trying to just trust my instincts. Still having trouble knowing which places to push forward in, and it's leading to procrastination. Suppose I had best just do the closet thing rather than waste more time deliberating
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that sounds like a good idea. push onward!
>>185 (OP) 
good evening
good evening

we're always out here. it's only silent because we are not called.
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>>185 (OP) 
at the moment I'm just livin. how are you doing now, voice from future's past?

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ITT you talk about any lemur that makes you happy. double points if not a syzygy, triple points if not a syzygy or a xeno (but syzygies and xenos still welcome)
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fantastic choice! ive always liked her for her position between 81 and 83. alsp, how are you doing the i ching mappings?
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No hexagram assigned to 00
01-44 assigned to mesh of same number
hexagrams above 45 have no assignment
so what im playing with rn looks like

>  00
>䷀ 01
>䷥ 38
>䷫ 44
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>>137 (OP) 
im not sure of the significance but i sure do see a lot of ababbatok from time to time. 4s and 7s (and sometimes a bonus 147) crawling out of every damn place. Really freaked me out for a while but I just notice it now. for some reason Ababbatok makes me think of a cowboy surgeon. A surgeon that's also a cowboy. Please don't quote me on any of this. Anyway he's an alright fella once you get used to his kind of stop-and-go nature.
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oh hey, she's probably my favourite lemur! the syzygetic cross of 7 is 2 and the syzygetic cross of 4 is 5. so the cross of 74 is 52. since 74 is the 25th lemur, that makes her the only lemur who clicks her cross
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different anon, oh wow yeah i never caught that about ibri, thats. yeah thats gorgeous holy shit.

>>137 (OP) 

9::3 is certainly one of my favorites, then 7::4. 8::4 for two reasons, firstly that there are 84 paths on the decimal numogram/in the book of paths, and secondly as 8::4 is in the group of cyclic lemurs where they pass through each zone of the time circuit. the rest of the cyclics being 4::1, 4::2, 5::2, 8::2, 8::7, of which i enjoy these all due to their capacity to be cyclic :3 another xeno i enjoy is 3::2 also seeing as it is directly entwined with micropause abuse/A-Death, something i find perplexing and in need of a) fleshing out and b) further engagement on at the very least my own part.

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ITT we share rare numograms we've saved
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thank you, im rather proud of it! vincent le is a land scholar, a pdf can be downloaded here
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You made >>131? That's so cool! 
i'll try to read this essay tomorrow
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yep! theres also a black atlantean cross to go with it
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>>49 (OP) 
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quirked up and psychedellic!!

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