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ITT you talk about any lemur that makes you happy. double points if not a syzygy, triple points if not a syzygy or a xeno (but syzygies and xenos still welcome)
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9::2 11 2

Mesh 38 
38 11 2
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fantastic choice! ive always liked her for her position between 81 and 83. alsp, how are you doing the i ching mappings?
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No hexagram assigned to 00
01-44 assigned to mesh of same number
hexagrams above 45 have no assignment
so what im playing with rn looks like

>  00
>䷀ 01
>䷥ 38
>䷫ 44

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>>137 (OP) 
im not sure of the significance but i sure do see a lot of ababbatok from time to time. 4s and 7s (and sometimes a bonus 147) crawling out of every damn place. Really freaked me out for a while but I just notice it now. for some reason Ababbatok makes me think of a cowboy surgeon. A surgeon that's also a cowboy. Please don't quote me on any of this. Anyway he's an alright fella once you get used to his kind of stop-and-go nature.
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oh hey, she's probably my favourite lemur! the syzygetic cross of 7 is 2 and the syzygetic cross of 4 is 5. so the cross of 74 is 52. since 74 is the 25th lemur, that makes her the only lemur who clicks her cross
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different anon, oh wow yeah i never caught that about ibri, thats. yeah thats gorgeous holy shit.

>>137 (OP) 

9::3 is certainly one of my favorites, then 7::4. 8::4 for two reasons, firstly that there are 84 paths on the decimal numogram/in the book of paths, and secondly as 8::4 is in the group of cyclic lemurs where they pass through each zone of the time circuit. the rest of the cyclics being 4::1, 4::2, 5::2, 8::2, 8::7, of which i enjoy these all due to their capacity to be cyclic :3 another xeno i enjoy is 3::2 also seeing as it is directly entwined with micropause abuse/A-Death, something i find perplexing and in need of a) fleshing out and b) further engagement on at the very least my own part.
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