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Looking for some clarification here

<The tree of life is essentially qliphothic

Essentially the article seems to exist to point out the absolutely arbitrary nature in which both trees are assembled. In particular the supremacy of one, the unitary, the order of  ascension and the inclusion of 10 ma'alkuth and 11 da'ath in the trees at all. The 22 paths also seem to be in the line of firre having no coherent conception behind their arrangement on the tree. 

The line "One might as easily shuffle the all these elements on a whiskey-soaked bar-table, entirely without systematic motivation or lucid intelligence and call the result a 'qabbalistic' revelation.' perhaps has something to do with the tile? Considering that the shells are what keep the sections of the Qabalah separated from one another. similarly the claim that it is qliphotic is a mockery of its claim of divine nature over the left tree of knowledge whose elements are significantly less well distinguished, almost all consist of lust or sexual perversion at least in part. I also take this line to say something about how the numogram takes the soup from all the elements from the table and applies them in a system of relations that are more than just reason of human sentimentality to tradition.

So I am left wondering, does the numogram contain all aspects of both trees within the ten digits or only the elements of the tree of knowledge with the Atlantean cross and its emphasis on order containing the elements spilled from the tree of life?
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>>207 (OP) 

tradition is important. maybe not as something to cling to, things change, I get that. But we need stories to put things inside, to make sense of the world, of the things that happen to us. Everyone desires understanding and there's no such thing as perfect knowledge. Even if you're updating it a bit, tying it to mathematic immanence or what have you, you're still spinning yarns around that. A world with no tales or legends would be a real hell to inhabit. so you best be careful what you're wishing for lame-o.
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sometimes i wonder if it isnt the stories themselves that cause the changes. Something doesn't have to be true to be believed it only has to be said. who is in a position to verify everything they believe? it seems to me that innumerable thing must be taken on faith.
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