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Thread from /gtfo/

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So... Uh... Do you guys watch anime?
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The clean version of Kite is superior IMO. The sex in that film isn't the kind I like to watch. So I would hardly consider it a bonus, mostly it just makes me uncomfortable. I can go for pornography in films if its aesthetically pleasing, arousing or even just adds to the plot, but this was none of those. Surprising since everything else looks so good. I really think implication of it off screen is enough to get the point across, not everything benefits from being stated as explicitly as possible.
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I like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.... for some reason we had a DVD of it with the first 4 episodes around when I was a kid. 

kite is the hentai you watch for the plot. feeling sick pleasure and revulsion seeing sawa get raped isn't something you can get away from if you want to actually experience the story. 'clean' edits are for fucking mormons.

based milkchan appreciator. I still haven't seen the adult-swim cut with all of the localizations
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A little known fact about Kite is that in universe no one ever reloads their gun. It's just bang bang bang all the time forever. No breaks, no pauses, just gun fury.
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Watch anime? 
Bitch i live anime
i eat breath think and sleep anime
i live inside it and it lives through me
you dorks and your hokey lists cant hold a candle to the oneness that is my comprehension of anime
over the course of however many episodes, i obtain absolute knowledge of insert character here 
their set and setting
it is available to and sustained by me eternally
the entirety of their being
equivalent to bringing them forth
eternally eternity
despite awareness of they and their worlds temporality
all their becommings as being
I carry on with me

Thread from /gtfo/

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dog gammit 𖤐
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>>77 (OP) 
at any time, it seems things could open up, and be effortless, free, simple, clean
I hope you have a wonderful day <3
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>>77 (OP) 
My neck hurts.
I'm tired 
I can't sleep
I thought I had friends
I'm sad
I made a promise not to try to become God
I met one
Never seen something so impressive
I loved it 
I want what it can do
I'm captured and was happy
Things have cracked open and everything feels rotten.
It can change? Things flip all the time anymore
I'm playing Othello in space and time
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Welcome to the tropics

Danger time begins

ready? watch us win

diamond heart ascends

from nothing up to something

creation as an end

Thread from /deriv/

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There are so many different kinds of divination its kind of ridiculous; card draws, oracle spreads, coin tosses, pendulum swings, dowsing rods, teas leaf intuition, scrying, stick drops, palm analysis, smoke staring, sack pull, dream interpretation and ouija boards barely even scratch the surface of what's out there. I know i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and i haven't even touched on specifics of a single one! Tough out there for an oracle...

so here's this general to organise some thoughts on around and between them.

recently I've been playing around with opening a book to a random page and seeing where that takes me. have been pleasantly surprised and honestly a little freaked out at how often connections seem to pop up without even thinking about number (;>.>). Definitely seems to work better if i'm already following a line of thought, or have established that im on a roll. kinda weird how u can just feel the vibe being there, which tends to diminish if you ask a little too much or too often. absolute best result that set me off on this whole thing: i read an appendix in the back of a text then jest let it fall open towards the front and BAM immense mind blowing coincidence arrival. all of which leads me to think that this method is either incredibly effective, my library is oddly aligned in subject matter, or books themselves ha
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Thread from /gtfo/

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Tell me your secrets!
Whisper everything you would never tell anyone into my ear. I need to know them. I am so hungry. Feed me all the thoughts that your loved ones would abandon for holding. Fill this thread with what's eating you. I am begging. I am PLEADING. Let it out. Put them down. I want to see inside you. I want to taste what you are hiding. I need the pieces of you that keep you crying. The scraps that all the armour surrounds. The pustulent wounds from which your infected being layers the peeling scabs of ego. Give this necrotic bee the vile nectar held within the flowering gash that is your soul. Let us pollinate together. Drop your words inside my hole.
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Should I be horrified
Should I be mad that I got tricked
How much is my fault
I'm really sick of this
It hurts
I'm mad because I'm confused
Was I used
Was I loved
Did I ever have a chance
I'm so small
If I'm not there for a second 
will I really not be forgotten

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imagine only realizing just now that the post you reply to changes how things turn out? You weren't actually asking to leave but at least you got your answer.
acting on instinct is potent, but you dont know what results youre going to be getting. the first time was a mess, the second time a disaster, im glad you didnt fire anything this third time.
this post is filed right, but the attachment was foolish. 
it was nice of them to repair your car. If youre out now that will suck, but its not like you can pass the buck. You said how you felt and thats real. that at least you cant regret.
Just wanted to walk away for a bit, but i guess thats a no do can do now.
make some effort to grow for me please? now that you've been granted the ability to lose.
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will this really be the one that defines the flavour of the era?
Any form of communal existence arises from the individual, just as any species is derived from the examination of however many individuals. Bundles of significantly insignificant  points infinitely divided, & yet producing a mesh of mutual definition, each what it is because of its relation to so many others, across which flows a resonant sea evoking anything which would be greater. isolated, and yet communicating in forms that can never become static. all connected & still remain alone outside of the creative nothingness which draws them together, with the threatening promise of the primal annihilation which always births something new.

Thread from /rp/

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Slithery scaly not so slimy squirmers, i love me some venomous coiling strikers! Big fangs, egg gulp or strangulation; method of murder matters not - all serpents belong here cuz its about snake talk.

These belly sliders have an oddly androgynous symbology. At once undeniably phallic but consistently associated with feminine power. They have a reputation for being toxic deceitful liars, with the forked tongues to match. Hence they are often considered to be some of the most evil, detestable, neir do well, low lifes around. This baseness though offers them almost infinite opportunity to reach upwards. Associations with prophecy and dreams lends some to believe them to be an embodiment of some sacred hidden wisdom. Some might be surprised to find out that Medusas' snakey locks were once seen as a sign of the aforementioned before powers paternal flipped the tables and branded her as the dreaded Gorgon. though not least of their contradictory attributions, nor particularly uncommon for the extra caustic creepy crawls, has to be their association with death and rebirth, bearers of eternity. While the death parts probably pretty obvious, the rebirth, with the skin shedding, cadaver spasms, and potential for a corpse to maintain a strike reflex, could be worth a mention.

Thematically echoed in their inclusion in the Ascelephus, not to be confused with its owner who bears the same title. The sy
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Thread from /rp/

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Having waited so long, I think it is apparent that Chrollo is absent today, so I’ll be running the thread instead. IIRC from last time, he concluded with his wish of towards the creation of a whole new way of being. And so on that note I have a few aspects of Snow Crash that I wanted to discuss. I can direct us back to them if I have to, but this story tree has enough branches that I think it might be best if I run through it once first as it is told before we start trying to pick it apart.

Obviously the most interesting aspect of this is the Asherah virus, but it is quite the oddity. This virus is spread via both biological and linguistic mediums. This makes it a little tricky to keep a handle on. Especially because it emerges in sumerian culture where a significant separation of religion, magic, medicine & aesthetics is impossible without falling victim to some serious distortions in perception*. P.211 So please try to keep in mind that the virus is our focus here as we go through it. I promise I am trying to both minimize time jumps and keep it as bare bones as possible. If im saying it, i think its important, okay?

First the sciencentric tone of the narrative is worth addressing. They acknowledge attempting to bring the more mystical elements down into a more scientific and “possible” way of being understood. Though Juanita calls the most attention to this with her defense of catholicism and the religious in general. Saying something akin to it having a reputation amongst the educated as being for the ignorant because what most experience in church is a surface level practice of pontification, rather than a discussion of the doctrine and beliefs.

And so the story begins…
 Hiro protagonist, the protagonist resides in a hyper capitalized world while being employed as a pizza delivery boy for the mafia. Not all that strange, as this narrative has entered into an almost maximus state of governmental atrophy. Inducing a situation where every franchise operation has to either hire out a private security force or maintain their own, as is the case for all the most powerful NGOs.  Hiro, who might describe himself as the kind of guy whose presence has the weight of a million bucks bagged in nickles is promptly liquidated from his position in the mafia's elite pizza delivery core after dumping his car in a pool cutting through a yard in an attempt to drop off the merchandise in 30 minutes or less. Forcing him back into the life of a freelance hacker, which as one of the main developers of the metaverse (which exists almost exclusively as a replacement for the previously flat internet), he is uniquely overqualified for. 
	It is in the metaverse that we encounter the first, or maybe the last, iteration of the Asherah virus. Here it manifests as a cyber drug that is only capable of frying a hacker’s brain, visually dosing them with symbolic representations of machine code resulting in their organics circuiting. This popper as VR info bomb, as well as its material equivalent, is distributed by the Reverend Wayne’s Pearly Gates Pentacostal Church franchise. Though the origins of the virus date about as far back as you can go. Emerging as a metavirus that either bubbles out of the sea of biological information in a complex system, or arrives from space via comet, raido wave etc. In any case, this metavirus is the stimulant to civilization by generating various behaviors to emerge and be carried out in repetition. These behaviors were coined by the sumerians as me, and are essentially a series of instructions for a human to carry out. Instructions are then distributed around whichever city by the local En, an individual who could be tenuously equated to a local priest King, from their location in the Ziggurat which lay at its center.   

Numerous records exist of scribes extolling the merits of their city over others, justifying it with regards to the superior qualities of their me. As such, the water deity Enki is recounted as the greatest En for his creation of the best me. Enki was the Summerian god of wisdom, perhaps better understood as the lord of how to do things, or one who can create solutions to impossible problems P.256. Described as an expert in incantations, ‘’word rich’’ and master of all the right commands. In many creation myths, to name something is to create it, to cut if or separate same root as science and scythe it  from the background and bring it into being. And so Enki was special because he could create new ‘’me’’.  Today, it's rare that names or speech would be seen as anything magical, but saying a name not only evokes it by callings its conception to mind, it decidedly creates that conception in a way that can be communicatively be referred to. Though they are gesturing at something a little more suggestive read commanding. Name shubs which seems to differ from me only in that they must be created and me can spawn randomly* are fictions which make themselves real, me, which the book compares to programs being enacted by the metaverse. The metaverse in this sense is an enormous name shub constantly realizing itself across the network. Following this, myths from Sumeria are of a different nature than those of the greeks or egyptians. They lack in large what we would consider a narrative structure, and are more similar to a list of instructions as events. This is perhaps less odd in light of the fact that the Sumerian word for mind happens to be the same as their word for ear. To hear something was to think it, and to be given instructions was to enact them. Mythologised instructions for baking bread, laying bricks, sowing and reaping fields. All of which in conglomeration is compared to an operating system for their society.

For these reasons Hiro pegs Enki as one of the first sentient Human being, able to issue commands to be followed. A fella with a real knack for coining a phrase. Having no one to interact with causes Enki immense loneliness which motivates him to create the “name shub of Enki”. A self fulfilling fiction which bricks anything trying to run on Sumerian. This forces everyone to think, adapt, and change. A blossoming of thousands of languages and the beginning of languages diverging over space and time.

Synonymous with the biblical babble, the confusion of tongues. It’s a misconception that god knocked down the tower. Rather he confused their speech so they could not continue its construction. another of the many myths of a fall from paradise of which there are many. This one as the Nameshub of Enki reads 
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>>129 (OP) 
The thing thats  jumping out at me immediately here is the discrepancy in how these orders come about and are overturned, or rather where one is worth up holding vs overturning. You failed to mention the code of hamarabi which is an attempt to a return to order that Enki helps his son Marduk develop to compensate for the lost me after he uses the name shub to eviscerate them. Theres also the second explanation, besides Enki’s loneliness, its mentioned that he uses the name shub to remove the bottle neck which is keeping people from advancing. The Asherah virus is identified with the creation of civilization as well as the state of sumerian stagnation which the name shub of enki frees everyone from. Interestingly, rather than stagnation, Asherah is blamed for the down fall of King Horsea, prompting the centralization and creation of a heavily controlled book based counter virus which resists the information decay of the previous oral tradition. Asherah is also found as an outbreak after Jesus death disrupts the order of the Pharisees and is put down with the establishment of order as the Catholic church.  Similarly Rife uses a variation of the virus, his attempt to overthrow 3 ring binder culture; identified as being ripe for this because of the similaritety it has with sumerian order i.e. a series of instruction
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Thread from /gtfo/

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Y'all ever let yourself get completely taken by a relatively unimportant side quest to the detriment of the main quest you've set your sights on?
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I'm not sure that's quite right. 
there's a large difference between your purposeful stylization and the way that >>52 seems to just not be checking for errors. for this reason i think find your attempts coming across as intentional and theirs are simply sloppy. If we want them to improve indulging their laziness seems to be the wrong answer. Further I dont think the mean and heartless anime villians are very cool at all. I find the one who are cool need to have a large heart, perhaps one in the wrong place but they need to stand for something. villainy for villans sake is hardly interesting. Shogo Makishima is one of my favorites for that exact reason. Maybe i'm being too generous here, but i do think that >>103 's cruelty is intended to spark improvement or play with >>52. Though I'll admit it is ironic considering that their own post has several deviations from the accepted standard.
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This aged
This is plainly incorrect. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty is just nature. Villains that act for higher ideals are just making excuses to bring things to their liking. There’s nothing big heart about that. Shogo lives in denial, masking his selfishness and cruelty with the heroic veneer of justification. “A sacrifice for a new world, a better world” what a boring common delusion. As if any could be better than another without the hidden “for me”. Shogo isn’t special, he's merely determined as all villains must be. Respectable visages of villainy exist in characters like Legato, someone who exists to deal damage, to inflict pain upon the living. Someone who recognizes that hurting others is not only inevitable but the spice of life, a true sadist. Legato offers a cruelty beyond killing, a suffering with a negation of the transmutation that could make it pleasurable. The destruction of the seductive force of ideals in general, without which will withers and dies. A cold drift toward inaction clinging to bare life chained to their burdens of virtue. When Legato is done with him Vash is completely broken, a shell of himself acting on the cloying kindness of being a good person. He would rather strip naked and bark like a dog than pick up a gun and fight. He can't accept the risk that he might have to make a choice like that again as it has been demonstrated to him that attempts to protect hi
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Replies: >>164 >>173
I don’t think you understand Legatos' character well at all. You’re trying to take everything they do in isolation, but all of Legato's actions are taken in relation to the unfolding situations that are Vash and Knives. Legato tortures Vash for the sake of Knives, his dream, and his affection for Vash. That certainly isn't NOT a reason. Legato wants vengeance upon Vash for almost killing Knives with his angel arm in July. A desire intensified through his love for Knives. And despite having left Knives for dead twice, Legato lives with the constant awareness of Knives' persisting preference for Vash grafted onto his flesh. The right arm that hangs at his side was once Vash’s and so is at once both what allows him to reside at the side of his beloved Knives, and a reminder that the position he holds is only through the wound created by Vash’s rejection of Knives. The loss of the arm is a wound central to the relation of Vash, Legato, and Knives. Betrayal and disappointment, the agony of never having your affections be returned. Legato plays host to a very special kind of hatred for Vash, and unleashes a very specific brand of violence because of this. Unable to eliminate Vash without destroying something the one he loves would not do without Legato proceeds by inflicting psychological torture upon the stampede. Able to kill anyone but Vash, Legato places the target on Vash’s refusal to take any life whatsoever. N
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Vinnins vill-ins vilanus. I m sew cool b cause I am so Heinous. Icy you justifying your admiration on the edge. They cant be cool because you like what they do, they can only be neat cuz ppl dont like it too. A cloaked up ‘this is what i like to see’, well okay fren. Gotta- Be- Bad? SA2 dark boi slogan, I can respect that. Angels to some and demons to others? can’t we get beyond good an evil? 

A Character that doesnt revel in malevolence or emanate the infallible, one who knows who thye are and what theyre about. XIII Train Heartnet, Black Cat and deliverer of Bad Luck. A sweeper by trade neither neither bound by the law of order nor defining themselves wholly against it. Placed her not just because I dig him, but to highlight an echoic resonance with the type of manga in mention. A hero and a dark rival once united are driven by a relation of obsession & loss of someone dear. So many share this formula you might even call it stolen, but the contrasts which im sure you can find yourselves are excellent and held in a trifecta. Chronos, The Apostles of the Stars, and Trains group of sweepers variously at odds with either. Aring that extends beyond dark and light knives/vash in embrace of twilight. 

Orphaned and raised to be a member of the states elite assassin core, Chronos, Train is no stranger to murder. Hades, a revolver marked with his number for what he delivers. Inside he meets creed who holds train in the highest esteem and a maddening love. Cold hearted and paired with a stare that freezes blood in the veins, creed ses him as his own cruel entirety blossoming in an attraction no smaller than destiny. No one else has made him feel such a glorious vibration. Ruthless with skills beyond match, the values Creed admires, and the only connection which he will allow himself. 

Through a stroke of luck, however, train has a chance meeting with Saya, a sweeper who is able to open the heart which he was forced to close.  Compassionate and open in a strength of love she is more than capable with a gun herself. Swaying train to take the risk and abandon Chronos, Creed takes notice of the changes taking place in Train repulsed by the warmth this whore is growing inside him. Rather than attempt to understand the changes, and incapable of seeing himself there any longer, Creed slays her in an attempt to return Train to his ‘’true self’’, merely solidifying Trains committal to dissension. 

Having abandoned chronos and now a stray Train dawns a collar and begins his life as a sweeper on the path that Saya had opened his eyes to.

Creed in pursuit of Train, as the only person he sees as his equal falls away from Chronos and founds the Appostles of Stars. A group he heads ruthlessly resecting only those who show exceptional skills with their talents, and in kind using the power of Tao* to unlock members latent abilities. Devoted to making a new world based on the values of superiority Creed makes war on Chronos. 

Creed makes two more attempts to force Train to join him. The first, unconfident in his new way of life Train removes his collar and returns to his former attitudes intent on killing Creed as hes sees it as the only way to compete with his new abilities. Sacrificing his arm to see identify the location of his invisible blade Train is able to temporarily defeat him and escape with Sven and Eve and luckily able to have it sewn back on as well. 
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Thread from /gtfo/

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I hope everyone has a good day
Replies: >>134 >>172
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not all those who wander are lost!

you too anon <3
Replies: >>59
Thank you ^^
signs are pointing to it going pretty excellently
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>>46 (OP) 
[Hide] (2.8MB, 2000x1732) Reverse
>>46 (OP) 
for real though
so many girls out here looking 2 have a have a bad time for no discernable reason
what can be done but to try & meet them where they are

Thread from /rp/

Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Hello everyone!!

At the behest of >>105 I've decided to make a unique thread for these posts to talk about a collection of tales centered around forbidden, lost, passed up, incestuous, violent, spiteful, unrequited, unrecognized, criminal or the otherwise tragically inclined love affairs which drive one of my favorite manga; Angel Sanctuary. So many ships passing in the night, bursting on each other, or falling away into oblivion without a word. A beautiful and serene world whose cold surfaces never lose their warm core of hope held in the hearts of its actors throughout their trials, doomed as each may be.

The series features twenty volumes, two official art books: bearing the titles Angels Gate and Lost Angel, as well as a 3 episode OVA. All of which, I believe, is worth a look. There are also some audio dramas which I haven't had the chance, or the skill, to take a listen to.

 For this initial post I'm just going to outline a few I'm hoping to get to, but I'll be sure to spoiler all of that so we don't ruin anybody's fun. Also here is my initial post >>104, which I probably ought to have spoilered* as well ^^;

The complicated and incestuous love of the inorganic angel Rosiel directed at his sister the Organic angel Axiel both of whom hold the highest [pun] rank possible as three winged

Lucifer and his romantic involvements with other angels, fallen or otherwise and a few with humans to boot. what a dog ;)

Kurai, the soon to be dragon master of the Evils clan who occuppy the uppermost level of hell, with her relative Arcane and a bit the protagonist Setsuna

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Thread from /gtfo/

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What force in this world is more powerful than love?


On its back empires are made and broken. Whole worlds burst into being and abandoned. It can make what others see as trash appear more brilliant than any diamond. and when it vanishes even the most beautiful flowers could not wreak of anything less putrid than shit. yet it can transmute memories of even the worst suffering into tears of nostalgia. A world without love is simply not a world worth having; as a single love can consume a whole world. A limitless expanse of passion. It drives us toward what meaning there is to be had as defines it. To be in love is to be in pain - a tearing and searing torment which can only know two ends - but to have no love is in no way to be without it. to have everything you could dream of but be separated from love could not provide a more empty existence. And so what hurdles would not be crossed to find it? what things would not be given up? What lines not crossed? For the agony worth bearing. The event that would never fail to be worth being around for. an ache one could not be more fond of. Intoxicated by hope for the  moments you might share their presence. To pour thorough them for a time knowing that whatever happens it will always be worth it simply for the chance to repeat this.


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Thread from /deriv/

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Card of the Tread [CTT]
Knight of Wands

Of the fire element. Knight of wands represents someone who is a true charmer. Charm is however a double blade, something which attracts in necessarily something which interests coincide with your own. Nobody is perfect and you should make sure to watch yourself around this one until you're sure their forces can benefit your home.
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Oof u done got getted
Cycle over. Adapt or change. Nothing else to do. It's over in the most finalist of ways. Finito fren. Gonezilla. Poof powda. Give it up gorilla. Get ready for something new. Or don't and watch how far that gets you. Shing 

also something about renewal or whatever. But u know mostly just corpses and despair roflflamingo
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Bring the heat. 
When all seems lost in the cold damp victory seemingly arrives from out of nowhere. Maybe not in the shape you were expecting, hell at this point you probably weren't expecting to make it out at all, but it a w all the same. look forward to it if  you're not there already.
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"oh my gosh!" 

"well what the heck?" 

"how unexpected."

That's the kind of stuff you're gonna be spewing here pretty soon good buddy. Ch-ch-chAnges. tide comes out, tide goes in. things flow, cycles exist.  best not to get too attached. Them yinny yangs is commin & i hope you're feeling lucky punk. cuz shit is happenen and you don't get to not be a part of it.

dw tho it will bring you closer to life's porpoise
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Revelation & Insight

Even moonless nights have some light although cloud cover might make that hard to believe. Some might even say this light  is prettier. Hope exists even when ideals are lost and dreams are shattered. The strength to push on exists for those who care to find it.
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FIRE FIRE FIRE! on the brain in your mind more than likely. you've journeyed long and hard to reach this point! Celebrate with your new companions mental fatigue and multiplicative psychoses who have volunteered to keep you company. fret not, however, as you near the end of the experience loop to a less vulnerable state of mind. Don't forget to take tasks slow 'n' steady, and be careful not to bite off more than you can chew desu.

Thread from /gtfo/

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"moe plus a machine gun is an unstoppable combination" ~
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Replies: >>61 >>97 + 1 earlier
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>>54 (OP) 
moe plus a machine gun is an unstoppable combination =^w^=
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moe + machine gun = unstoppable combination
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>>54 (OP) 
Moe & machine guns are the unstoppable combination
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moe plus a machine gun is an unstoppable combination desu
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i love the funny papers
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Thread from /rp/

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Luck in life is defined by the suffering within it. The chance we have to surpass the limit and acquire relief however momentary. The Bravery to take the risk for pleasure and to ante up the necessary sacrifice for victory. All of which is to say that suffering breeds desire the force which births all action.

One of the greatest sufferings in life is our state of isolation. Divided from every other being through an infinite void of separation, a barrier of self as a requisite distinction. Defining the self from the void and the other is a requirement of individual existence, and so forms the desire to connect and communicate as an attempt toward relief of the situation. Where infinite suffering exists, infinite love is proposed as a solution. Though love itself has its origins in a violence sufficient to cross the void and break the barriers of self creating a successful communication. An intimate violation which annihilates what was and produces a change. A desire to destroy and be destroyed. A lust for a loss of self and thus a chance to be renewed. Violence as the positive term which brings us towards loss and death which is connection. At the core of life is death, the endstate which unites us all. Each moment we fall through a small one, what was falls away to become what is, which falls away to become what will be. Death is the center 0f being as becoming, change which creates the possibility of the observation of time, the flow of life.
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>>108 (OP) 

In Christian theology there is understandably significant preoccupation with the origin of evil in our world. Legend has it there existed a state of divine oneness before the fall of man. A grand state of absolute static perfection. One of complete and imprisoning knowledge. Edgeless unending life in paradise and unity. An eternal and closed system abruptly vanquished when Eve ate the fruit of knowledge at the seduction of the serpent. The Resulting expulsion of Eve and adam from the garden into the material plane introduced death into their universe. Humanity was thereafter cursed by god to slave away on the earth from which they were spawned. A life of punishment for devouring the fruits of knowledge¹. Utility becomes the lord and master which society must appease before anything else may be done. 

Rousseau offers us a conception of a Foreign Founder in his Social Contract. One who takes on the necessary taint of violating the social codes in order to found a new nation, a new order. Such a new nation benefits in two ways from the Foreign nature of the founder. The founder arriving from the outside means that they do not already have a stake in the struggle to shift power, opening them up to a perceived neutrality and a possibility of implementing blind justice. Further, their departure allows the new nation not to take responsibility for the sins required for its creation. As these sins must be disavowed for it to continue and be perceived as establishing legitimate laws without contradiction². An idea which is known well enough to be present in the ending of Akame Ga Kill. After Akame kills Esdeath³, the general of the disputed countries armed forces, the rebel commander saddles her with the blame for the catastrophes of the battles and casts her into exile. A sacrificial lamb to cultivate a respectable reputation for the newly formed rebel controlled government. (&_&)

These myths of scapegoating contrast oddly with the myth of Prometheus. Where such a myth places the active sin, the theft of fire from the gods, the divine spark of life and death itself, in the defiance of the divine as an honorable position, even as virtue itself. The act of transgression represented heroism. A sin which they chose to keep for themselves rather than casting those traits upon women as is the case in the semitic myth.

Interestingly the Serpent has the same value as messiah in literal Quaballic Gematria
MESSIAH (M40, Sh300, I10, CH8)=358
NOCHESCH [serpent] (N5, Ch8, Sh300)=358⁴

Though the history of the serpent itself is under some debate. In the most widely known version of the fall, either Satan or Lucifer is the tempter who entices Eve to partake of the fruit. While in some versions the Serpent was assigned as a protector to tend to the outer edge of the garden, whose entrance iin is a violation of the barrier and role that it was assigned to protect. Yet another places the Serpent's identity as Lilith the first wife of Adam who was banished from the garden as she refused to submit to lying under him.⁵ The Serpent's identity changes depending on the tale, but what remains consitent is that the serpent is always a transgressor, a temptor, and a bringer of knowledge, death, sexual awareness, and change. Perhaps we can then take this to mean that the serpent is the savior bringing these blessings to the stagnant garden ruled over by gods timeless order.

Chronologically then the first violation in the garden lies with Lilith who would dare dispute who will top between adam and herself. She is forced to use blasphemy to evade gods wrath and escape the garden.  God is then forced into the creation of the submissive eve from adams rib.  Mythologically displayed are not just the seeds of a dominant female sexuality, but the presence of a suppressed submissive male sexuality as well.  An inherent transexual sexuality in both sexes then. A repression established when the serpent enters the garden and tempts eve with the fruit of knowledge. Eve is then used to bind all the good traits as of humanity in women as sin, as seduction and desire. Traping her in the role of devouree, but conversely trapping men in the role of devourer. A splitting and isolation of both drives which are initially present.
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¹(Karlsson 2019)
²(Honig 2009)
³ <3
⁴(Karlsson 2019)
⁵(Karlsson 2019)
⁶(Firestone 2003)
⁷(Karlsson 2019) Lucifer's own fall into the abyss brought the sepherit of sexuality, Yesod, into its active state. 
⁸(Nietzsche 2003) 49
⁹(Karlsson 2019)
¹⁰ (Bataille 2004) 47
¹¹ Hermaphroditism implied by the splitting Kadamon’s attributes in Lilith and Adam (all positive attributes in Adam)
¹²(Karlsson 2019)
¹³(Karlsson 2019)
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At the base of the tension of existence is its discontinuity, the fundamental isolation of the individual from the other. When I eat you stay hungry, when I work you do not tire, when you die I persist. We exist in a paradoxical state where we are not only compelled to seek our own preservation, but also to seek union in continuity. The primal suffering of experience is this isolation which defines each individual. However, this isolation is also the means by which everyone is connected, touching through the void, the nothingness, the common denominator of experience which is loss or death.  As time passes I die and am born anew in the current moment as a continuous process that only ceases when I do. A process highlighted and reflected in the ambiguous death of an amoeba. Here the movement of splitting is easy enough to observe. And while the instant of its death is hard to place, it can not be denied. The first which gives birth to the two dissipates, but provides a means of continuity between them. Death the disjunctive conjunction, through which I too exist emerging from an infinitesimal series of gaps across time.¹ A phenomena generally imperceptible in society and one which cannot be fully appreciated with logical thought. As the experience of loss itself is something that happens in action rather than through deduction, an event lived through demonstration. Communication is an act like this. A violence which cuts through the exterior layers of self, necessarily erected to differentiate from the environment, to lay a small death inside another. An event intentioned and oriented to reach emotional continuity through a shared conception or idea. An action to which I am driven by a festering wound which opens upon my being demanding homage paid through activity. Itself facilitated through the empty positivity which loss embodies. 

’”The Mystical state, elsewhere identified with power, is more properly seen as the desire to give”²

It is easy enough to split the search for continuity in 3³. Emotional, mystical, and physical; 3 means through which we seek release via infliction and affliction of violation giving rise to the annihilation of self. First Emotional continuity, sought through communication of ideas or concepts, conversation, art, all of that which falls into the category of wishing give something penetrating to be understood or give oneself to violation to understand. Second Mystical continuity; the pursuit of continuity in something beyond the physical self by giving yourself over to it through openness. This can be attempted through communion with the world itself, love of god(s) or the other worldly, enlightenment, ritual, sacrifice, prayer, meditation all of which peel away the discontinuous shell of self exposing a positive gap which fills with creation. Finally Physical continuity, sex violence & death; to touch, to be held, to strike to disappear. That which cant be refused arises through the sensibility of the body beyond sight and smell and vision. An attack of the Up close and personal.

Each carries risk and loss within it. Each event destroys us. Loss an inevitability, but one that may not give rise to that which we would chase again. An event deemed worse than not making an attempt towards relief. This risk exists in reception, interpretation and selection. What I try to pass across the void is subject to loss, and is therefore interpreted as something other than what was intended. There is necessarily some element of this, but this loss is both the risk and the creative pleasure of success. Success is a matter of resonance rather than bare replication, and can only ever occur though properly receptive sensibility.

What then are the conditions for successful communication? One which is carried by loss as a term but produces resonance upon reception? First Sufficient violence for a mutual laceration, and second that it arrives with a properly crafted sensibility. Violence is sufficient if it can cut through the layers of the self which were erected inorder to differentiate from the void, the self constructed for preservation must be destroyed, forced to think. Here the receptiveness or emotional nakedness of each individual plays a significant role. That is, the more we are willing to expose and disrobe ourselves, the more vulnerable we are willing to become, the greater the risk we are willing to take on, the higher our affirmation of it, the greater the possibility of success. Similarly of consequence; both positive and negative. Communication is a mutually desired connection in which separation is suspended solely for the person you choose. The force of violence necessary is reduced by this receptivity. To fail at this is to enter into a blunting of the senses, a willful stupidity and disinterestedness in reception. Even upon a sufficiently violent eruption the result is a lack of resonance in interpretation, and likely a failed selection. Here realized as a dwindling of desire for future connection.

Crafting of Sensibility then is the aspect that determines a successful reception, as sensibility is that in which the violence can be received. Its shape, the quality, influences its interpretation which determines its selection. Is this hurting the way I want it to?⁴A properly inflicted torment which I would submit myself to?  Does it pluck the string of history to resonate with a desire I would love to lose myself inside? A boiling demand which splits my very being when it escapes into action?

Chance is the interaction of forces, the throw of the dice, their dance and play, illustrated in lust and combat, sex and death as the ends; love and hate. Each flows into the other incessantly, relentlessly, and necessarily. Ideas arise forcibly through sensation which is interpreted by the faculties. Decision as selection exists in the process of adjunction and condensation into ideas. We exist and think as a series process in iteration, each affecting the next.⁵

The beloved arises on the horizon of my sensibilities, and I am accosted by the violence of their existence. The way they move, the hang of their hair, fabrics in which they drape themselves, their scent, the texture of their skin, the look in their eyes, and passions that can be read through them. Innumerable impacts upon my being which can never be exhausted not fully represent them as the unspeakable element which attracts us Birthing and enhancing the agony
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⁰Susan Sontag sits in a position of one of the more influential tastemakers of the last century.  A collection of essays ‘’Against Interpretation’’ plays host to some of her most well known work. The first entry, bearing the same title, is geared towards the goal of among other things abolishing the distinction between form and content, thereby liberating the sensuous nature of art from the grasp of stifling influences which seek to tame it by splitting it in two. For Sontag art is entirely inseparable from our sensory experience of it. ‘’Real art has the capacity to make us nervous.’’¹  Inspired by this end a stand is taken against interpretation. Spearing it as ‘’...the revenge of the intellect upon art’’.²

In the essay Sontag finds art on the run. A flight from the utilitarian demands of justification placed upon it by Plato’s theory of mimesis into an era of modern and intentional obscurity, parody, and pop apparantism.³ ‘’From now until the end of consciousness we are stuck with the task of defending art’’.⁴ Dancing across examples from multiple pieces⁵  she criticizes the formulaic approach which digs through and designates elements with drab and recognizable movements, the theories of Marx and Freud; everything a metaphor for class struggle or a cock. All of it reinforcing familiar truths at the expense of actively distancing the audience from what it is they are encountering. Reducing a work to analysable containers of content places the witness in a safety blanket, domesticating art and protecting from what we might otherwise feel. In place of this hermeneutics she desires to erect an erotics. ‘’We must learn to see more, to hear more, to feel more.’’⁶ 

The artist's job then is to be a mixer of new sensations⁷, a summoner of phenomenology (the phenomenological?). Sensibilities of course extend beyond mere sensory input, there is a history to them which informs their manifestation, and thus, what is apprehendable through them.⁸ Art itself being part of forming, or informing, said sensibility which is, ofcourse, inspired by however many other pieces which it is perceived to be in orientation to.

The most interesting works of contemporary art are full of references to the history of the medium; so far as they comment on past art, they demand knowledge of at least the recent past. As Harold Rosenberg has pointed out, contemporary paintings are themselves acts of criticism as much as creation.⁹ 

A post Industrial Revolution trend identifies two cultures in opposition. As defined by Sontag: The fist a literary and artistic culture centered around cultivation, and the other a scientific culture dedicated to comprehension. A commonly commented on conflict which places art and artists, once lauded for their role as creators of unique objects that provide pleasure while conditioning conscience and sensibility, as boarding on uselessness in an automated society. A perception due in large part to the ease of mass reproduction of objects.¹⁰ Though Sontag sees the situation less as a conflict and more as the creation of a new culture, a new sensibility. One in which art has fallen away from its magical-religious origins, crossed through a period of perceived utility as depiction or commentary on secular reality and into a new era of modifying consciousness by creating and organising new sensibilities. Exemplified, for example, in that of speed. A sensation facilitated by  means of the mass reproduction of art objects.¹¹ ‘’Such art is also notably apolitical and undidactic, or, rather infra-didactic.’’¹²

It does not mean the renunciation of standards… there are new standards … of beauty and style and taste. … defiantly pluralistic … dedicated both to an excruciating seriousness and fun and nostalgia. … very high-speed and hectic. From the vantage point of this new sensibility, the beauty of a machine or of the solution to a mathematical problem, of a painting by Jasper Johns, of a film by Jean-Luc Godard, and of the personalities and music of the Beatles is [are] equally accessible.¹³

A dissolving of the distinction between high and low cultures feared by those invested in art as a defense for an ever receding humanism. A fear born through then propagated by a general ignorance in literary culture and of those inhabiting the scientific with no interest in art. Matthew Arnold illustrates this when he advances the idea that the highest purpose of culture is creation of a critique of that culture through the vehicle of literature.¹⁴  Sontag proceeds alternatively, offering us Marshall McLuhans definition of human history. Which can summarily be presented as the extension of human technological capacity which works radical change on their surrounding environment, ways of thinking, feeling, and valuing. Going on to say that while the ”More timid people prefer to accept the … previous environment's values as the continuing reality of their time…” … Only in terms of … the old ethical order does the problem of ‘two cultures’ appear.¹⁵ Remarking that “... music, films, dance, architecture, painting, and sculpture….all… draw, profusely, naturally, and without embarrassment, upon science and technology-’’¹⁶ while only literature has stayed behind in a refusal to adapt adequately to the technologic age. 

So if this dissolution of boundaries between scientific and the literary-artistic, high and low cultures, art and non art, form and content¹⁷  had taken hold  and people have come around to the idea that ‘’works of art, psychological forms, and social forms all reflect each other.’’¹⁸  On what grounds, in her 1996 afterword,  is Sontag to find this cultural product botched?
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Interpretation itself must be evaluated, within a historical view of human consciousness.⁵²

Of course, I don’t mean interpretation in the broadest sense in which Nietzche (rightly) says, “There are no facts, only interpretation.”⁵³ What Sontag truly desires is not the banishment of interpretation, but a method of selection of interpretations that are sufficiently reactive. Ones that force thought, rather than ones that stifle and reinforce the moral order. She correctly diagnoses the split between form and content, but misunderstands her role as critic; seeing it as something other than destroyer. She lacks a proper commitment to the corruption and decay which births all creation. Lamenting, “The interpreter, without actually erasing or rewriting the text, is altering it. But he can't admit to doing this’’⁵⁴  An act in which she abandons her weapon and is forced into a position of backtracking throughout the essay. She lacks a sufficient affinity with the will to falsity, the attempt to realize the conceivable in the possible, a realization of a new sensibility. She hopes that the re-publication will inspire new readers to ‘’...contribute to the quixotic task of shoring up the values out of which these essays and reviews were written.”⁵⁵ In her search for “...the luminousness of the thing in itself…’’⁵⁶ she becomes Socrates in his search for the good. A man at whose feet Nietzsche lays the blame of both the spirit of christianity as well as the death of tragedy. The Apology recounts the trial of Socrates for the crime of corrupting the youth. Charged with making the weaker argument the stronger he proceeds by trying to expose contradictions in the arguments of his accusers. The oracle says that he is the wisest, and so, in the service of the god he pesters fellow citizens to follow the good; utilizing his method of inquiry and declaring it is the highest of blessings for Athens. Finding logically that he could not corrupt the youth, for then he would risk harming himself. Upon his conviction he is offered an attempt to escape from prison, to return to the pursuit of what he loves most, of giving the blessings he believes he is destined to bestow. Unwilling to commit, he instead chooses to die at the hands of the state rather than be dishonorable. Corrupting the youth, of course, is exactly what Socrates was doing by agitating others and forcing them to think, but he cannot get beyond contradiction because for him truth is something universal, something to be uncovered rather than something which is generated or changing. And while he knows that his actions are those necessary for the health of Athens, the constant over turning of what was, he loses his appetite at the idea of being a criminal and drifts calmly into death, rather than going to the limit of what he can do.

To burn is one thing, to grovel and beg to burn is quite another.⁵⁷

A nation that is already old and corrupt, that bravely shakes off the yoke of its monarchical government so as to adopt a republican one instead, can only survive by committing countless criminal acts; this is because it already exists in a state of crime, and if it wished to pass from a state of crime to virtue, that is from a violent state to a peaceful one, it would fall into a state of inertia the outcome of which would be its imminent and certain ruin.⁵⁸ – Sade

Deleuze offers us a different interpretation of the passage in which Sontag’s reading divides interpretation in two Nietzche opposes the free spirit to the free thinker, the spirit of interpretation itself which judges from the standpoint of origins and quality: “There are no facts, nothing but interpretations”⁵⁹ The free spirit risks while the free thinker speculates. The free thinker exists in a limited space seeking to maintain or to acquire what is, but the free spirit throws dice knowing that they must be thrown again, that being is becoming, and knowing that nothing fully to their expectation can return; what returns must be different and it must be changing. This leaves them open to possibility, to affirmation of what differs, to an adaptable sensibility beyond that of utility. 

We must find for each thing in turn the special means by which it is affirmed, by which it ceases to be negative⁶⁰

So no, hierarchy then? Certainly there’s a hierarchy.⁶¹

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>"I HATE THAT SAVIOR! He ruins my nihilist schemes! He helps the weak and sickly!"
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Six months of preparation, some help from your friend Knuckles, all this bluster and yet all you've managed to do is give a new sense and value to "Fastest hedgehog my Ass??"
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< yawn

The concept of genealogy is based on a differential element. This element is a critique of the value of values plus a positive element of creation. Genealogy, or history, then is the series of forces which posess an object. A change of sense with each new possession. Interpretation is the creative and evaluative instance in this process. Any force can only appropriate an object first by wearing the mask of what is already in possession of it. Another way of thinking of this is it being apprehensible only to those with a certain sensibility, or rather things are only apprehensible through ones own sensibilities. This is why we learn best by articulating something new through and against habitual paths we’ve already established. Translating it into a language of our own sensibility. This means that for a philosopher to wield critique they must appear to be what came before. An ascetic priest for example.

Sense is of course always related to the force which takes possession of it. Just like sight, smell, and hearing are related to the inputs pressed upon us that force us to think. Value in interpretation is the hierarchy of forces expressed in it history is the series of forces that had possession.

I think Batailles essay Deviations of Nature can help illustrate this series of forces as they relate to masks and sensibility. In the Essay Batailles interest is in relating monsters as deviation to the common measure as Platonic ideal. To do this he utilizes the composite images of photographer Galton. Through repeatedly exposing a piece of film to over 400 faces we receive a result giving us an average face. Similarly exposure to hundreds of pebbles could yield nothing other than a sphere. Each individual in the series monstrously deviates from the average result of the series, but they comprise in conjunction the plurality from which this deviation from the illusory average can be measured. Monstrosity “Among all things that can be contemplated under the concavity of the heavens, nothing is seen that arouses the human spirit more…” because it noticeably calls upon the deviation in a way that unmasks the illusion of recognition as an outlier that takes possession in a series of silent and forgotten impressions. 

“‘’Man inhabits the dark side of the Earth of which he only understands the becoming reactive which permeates and constitutes it.’’” So, no, people would become reactive even without Jesus Shadow. The dialectician is a slave asserting themselves as master, by declaring themselves as good and to not be like them, to not hold their values, is evil. Thus separating people from what they could otherwise do. Though to get anywhere we’ll need to clarify some things about the three stages of nihilism you mentioned.

First we have ‘’Negative Nihilism’’ which manifests as resentiment. the accusatory “it's your fault” from which we enter into the second stage, ‘’Bad Conscience’’ where aggression is turned inward against the self. Having heard enough accusation we accept it and declare that it is “my fault, my sin.’’

The third stage ‘’Passive Nihilism’’ we kill god, take his throne and now seek to maintain, preserve that power and accept the status quo, but in so doing have broken our alliance with the negative power, the will to nothingness the active destructive power which develops the inverted image of all the previous steps and brings them to triumph over active forces. 
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Begone false fire dog. You speak not from the belly of the earth but skirt around the surface spewing smoke and pollution.
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that's what she said
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darn right knuckles

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Look at what happens when you have hyperstition without numogrammatics:

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In no way was I implying "whose to say whos wrong or right." Surfboards, boats, and planks all rely on the physical laws of the universe of buoyancy and pressure, among others, to stay afloat. I do affirm a plurality, yes, but that plurality is built upon the implicit understanding on the mechanisms on how to stand on the sea, and that reality is built on many different rigid and non-rigid variables. Those are not pseudo-absolute truths. A boat and a plank is functional. A boat and a block of steel is not. I do not affirm a plurality between a boat and a block of steel. I don't affirm the idea that believing whatever method you have is right. Fuck off.
Replies: >>48 >>51
I am annoyed of being called "Chaos magicky", of having practical belief, and being compared with self-help books. The way you speak about the numogram as if it's some undeniable truth is laughable. Even if it is, you have to break it. Otherwise, you're no different than an angelic imitation of Lemuria. I will not be replying.
Replies: >>51
im not the same anon, and so am hoping the not replying clause doesn't apply to me, because i am interested in the metaphor. would you identify the numogram as an expression of the laws of reality, so to speak, which you can then use to construct a means of navigating them? or is the numogram itself a means, and the laws something else (a kind of tao maybe)?
Replies: >>70
The line often gets blurred between the two, so I don't want to say for sure. I would say that the numogram is a memory of certain possibilities. The principle behind its creation being power. Not quite a fundamental law, but not quite a manifestation either.
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I’ve heard Robin Mckay claim “you wont get hyperstition until you get your head around Lovecraft.” So what is hyperstition and what does lovecraft have to do with it?

The ccru glossary defines it as an “Element of effective culture that makes itself real through fictional quantities functioning as time-traveling potentials. Hyperstition operates as a coincidence intensifier, effecting a call to the old ones”¹ This is a bit cumbersome and esoteric for my tastes, so in the interest of clarity it’s more than worth breaking it down. The first bit is essentially fictions that make themselves real. Something which differs from fictions that become real in mechanism, as well as the way we construe it, rather than the result. For example: in ‘’The Evening the Morning and the Night’’ a character reads a science fiction novel involving the concept of palm print reading locks who then spends his time grinding away on this problem until he creates them. In this sense the fiction is made real by this man and we do not have hyperstition. On the other hand if we view the locks as using the man as a vehicle, through the capture of his imagination to actualize, themselves we easily arrive at hyperstition.² We are still lacking the mechanism with which the capture can take place.

The importance of Lovecraft is that his fictions provide both the example and the vehicle for this process which makes it for obvious reasons indisputably hyperstitious.³ So how does this capture take place?
The best place to begin to answer this is at an end, and not just because the end is what produces the attempt at realizing itself.⁴ Though with the mythos distributed so broadly throughout culture it is helpful to attack something more narrow to illustrate the action. The Necronomicon, the magic book within the books, is an excellent figure with which to sketch this study. Manifesting itself in ever iterating and invasive instances from the Evil Dead, to the Elder Scrolls series⁵ with several physical volumes bearing the title. One of the more interesting of which comes to us in the form of the Simon Necronomicon.⁶ 

Where Lovecraft excels most is world crafting, an art which arrives in his tales as an occurrence of actual places with fictional events, characters, and institutions which resonate with an eerie believability. In action this generally means taking a character who is well educated and placing them in a position with a slowly mounting oddity that eventually overpowers what can occur in ‘’reality’’. The onset of madness through horror. A movement from a grounded reality into a space where things that appear unbelievable can be taken as real. The Necronomicon itself is repeated throughout many of Lovecraft's stories without significant elaboration beyond that it contains the methods used to call the old ones.⁷

Echoing the process from which the universe in which it was conceived was constructed, Simon begins by enumerating his discovery of the book, historicizing it in sumerian mythology and attaching Lovecraft to Alester Crowley⁸, before beginning the text with the testimony of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, who authored the text. The entire book is done up in the style of occult books like The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and Ars Goetia, complete with rites, banishments, and seals used to summon the old ones. 

Goetic deamons themselves seem to be of hyperstitional origin. Belial being a prototypical example. Initially a Hebrew adjective meaning worthless that is used significantly throughout the old testament. At some point though they make the jump to a noun, ending up in a position of opposition to god by their single mention in the new testament.⁹ There are a few factors that allow Belial's capture of the imagination on their journey towards actualization. In this case religious fervor played in the key of fear this second aspect is the chord which Lovecraft strikes. Fear of god, of punishment, of eternal damnation, of hell, of death. Psalms 18:5-6 rings as the likeliest culprit. “... the floods of Belial assailed me.” “the cords of Sheol surround me.”¹⁰ Sheol, being the place for departed souls of the dead, in such close proximity to Belial, the adjective, brings us Belial the noun through the second factor; the positive term of loss. From death arises the breath of life. Over the course of several copyings, readings, and translations the change takes root. Loss that takes place in the data transfer due to interpretation, a process which creates a space through which genesis arises to fill the hole. 
“The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…”¹¹ 
and in crept Belial, on the back of fear through a gap in a mind. A similar song can be played by Baal, reproducing into two additional and distinct entities as Belphegor and Baal Berith in the middle ages.¹²Lucifer himself rides through helal¹³ on the back of the fallen king of Babylon.¹⁴
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What's your most accursed diety?
Where are they from?
How long have they been following you?
I had an acid trip once where Idididil/Ididid asked if I wanted to talk. Of course I let fear get the better of me pussied out. A shamefully missed opportunity; have been looking for a way to talk to it sense.
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Replies: >>97 + 1 earlier
>>18 (OP) 
think back
you know what it offered even without talking
at the height of our worst you would have accepted it
roll some dice on a physical table
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I don't know about accursed, but ive recently fallen into a fascination with Belial.

According to the key of Solomon Belial is summoned to grant offices and gain favor with friends and foes. They appears as two beautiful angels in a flaming chariot, and proudly declares they were the second to fall after Lucifer. Other texts place them as the ruler of the second dark world. They are a well known deceiver, double timing two faced, which reinforced my perception of their affinity with the number 2. 

While some speculate that Belial is a god form from Babylon, given that Bel= Lord and Al=god; and while not mutually exclusive, it is certainly the case that when used in the bible the name comes from the is derived from the Hebrew word for worthless or useless. I's sometimes debate weather Belial is a proper name for a daemon at all be cause of this. Most instances of its usage are in relation to the sons or daughters of Belial, or the useless sons and daughters. though 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 does place Belial in direct opposition to Christ.

14 Do not be yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wicked ness have in common? Or what fellow ship can light have with darkness?
15 what harmony is there between Christ and Belial? What harmony is there between a believer and an unbeliever

There are some extraneous texts to the bible that seem to support this conclusion. The Testament of the 
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Oh neat.

I'm a bit of a fan of Belial myself. Although, I really only know of them through Angel Sanctuary. I think they're a really fascinating character, even if the manga itself is only so so. The whole manga is full of forbidden romances, which shouldn't be all that surprising since the whole story centers around the main character's, Setsuna, pursuit of his biological sister.  While many of the romances that happen in the manga are of a tragic nature where the lovers are separated by time death or duty; (Setsuna, being the savior, of course defies all of these to reunite with his little sister) Belials is particularly tragic because their love has been unrequited since the beginning. Lucifer's most loyal servant and madly in love  with him, Belial spends the first half of the series trying to save the hell that their lord has vanished from. Lucifer melded their flesh with the plane before vanishing and now the only thing that maintains the space is a series of blood sacrifices made in his honor. upon the 999th hell would become stable. This is a task that Belial is particularly well suited for since, as your post stated, they are a master of deception and likable even by the standards of their enemies. Making every effort to maintain androgyny, Belial is notably attractive and has a series of relationships men and women throughout the series. So much so in fact that this is how 
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You know? I am getting real tired of low effort posters like you dropping off topic nonsense in these threads. your word choice is banal and repetitive, your grammar is terrible, and your punctuation is not only non standard but increases reading difficulty. Is it that much to ask that you take the time to edit before you post? Honestly we are a high brow, high quality, high seriousness organization; and I can't imagine people are going to take us with the gravity we deserve when you clowns keep tossing out offerings like this. Manga is hardly literature. so at least have the decency to make your own thread for this trash, and leave the rest of us to have our adult discussions about esoterica in peace.
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Lucifuge Rofocale

AKA Tarchimache¹  the light fearing top ranking bureaucrat of hell², Lucifers #1 fan boy and bringer of absolute stupidity. This guy has deep pockets, collects giant rings, and looks like a jester. In the Grand Grimoire he's described as a go between for those who wish to make a pact with Lucifer³, , and is personally endowed with the capacity to both turn you invisible and make girls fall in love with you.⁴ Lucifuge is also noted to be the ruler of Satriel (8)⁵ on the Qliphotic tree of death. The place of absurdities and intellectual mysteries where darkness becomes light, time destiny and fate are intertwined and the draconian principle is realized. Gha’asheblah (7)⁶ becomes important in relation to Satriel through the Abyss that separates the top 3 Qliphoth from the rest of the tree. According to Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic consists of passing through 11 stages of the Qliphotic tree. Similar to the sumerian myth of Inanna/Ishtar passing through the seven gates to the underworld, the adept loses an aspect of the tree of life at each of the first seven Qliphoth as Innana lost a piece of clothing at each gate. Arriving at the seventh qliphoth Gha’asheblah, the entrance of the abyss, naked. Passing through the Abyss strips away what was and makes divine, if permanent failure is to happen it will happen here. The lessons learned at Gha’agsheblah ought prepare the adept for a successful crossing. Lust and suffering freely passing in and out of one another. Death transformed into life, rebirth through Eros. When entering the abyss the adept, like Ishtar, experiences a death. Here Choronzon consumes the corpse of their limited self and failed adept will not proceed 

Choronzon rules the abyss and is associated with current 333⁸  which also happens to be the anglossa Qabbalah⁹ equivalent of Dark Enlightenment. A gematria system and movement both spearheaded by one Mister Nickolas Land. Interestingly¹⁰ Choronzon is a demon of dispersion and dispersion is something that a large portion of mister Lands work has centered around.¹¹ This dispersion is realized in Thelma, a cult in part developed by A. Crowley¹²  though the embrace of a love that carries us through a complete loss of ego, a ruthless annihilation of everything we once were. Where failure arrives as a complete and incurable insanity of unsortable overly associated sensory input.¹³ 

The absolute and obsessional stupidity of love then is what brings an individual to the otherside where dark turns to light and we begin to see clearly in the shadows. Lead through the Tunnels by Lucifuge to meet the underworld ruler.

¹And here marked as a deputy of Belzebuth ((Stratton-Kent)
²Presumably likes shadows
³ (Belanger) 193
⁴ Kind of sinister
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Being crazy can be fun, but at what point does this cross the line?
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This but as revenge
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>>88 (OP) 
are you crazy for a reason?
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>>88 (OP) 
Please stop throwing rocks at your friends. Please start to work on controlling your emotions. Even if she feels the same way, those feelings aren't going to be what makes the difference. What's going to make the difference is you putting the work in on yourself. That's it. That's the only real salvation. Please appreciate how much has been done for you. Please. Even if she doesn't end up liking you. Even if you die in the river. You have to work on yourself and how you relate to people. Learn to sit with your feelings and become less volatile. You have to. You have to.
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When everything means so much but none of it makes sense to you
When you're day drinking blue moon cross faded on gorilla glue
When you're scared it's a trick any time someone is being nice to you

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Find out the truth


All the redpills in one spo! Spread the news!

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Renewal through support.
Friends arrive.
Beautiful songs appear, and creative talents awaken.
Armatures rest easy knowing even what is rough around the edges can me appreciated.
It would be really nice to get to know you.
Tossed coins are tangentially related; for they are directing me away from birds at this time.
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a list of things to remember

bombs that go off in your stomach

those who've helped you

those wove only laid traps

those who tried their best

what you're loyal to
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Today I am sad. Though not quite as sad as I have ever been. I didn't trust a friend because I couldn't see past myself to what they were doing for me.
Yesterday I buried a bird that flew into a window. It was bright yellow and a little smaller than my fist. It now lies about a foot beneath the earth under several stacked stones as a marker. I pray, may my own error not be so fatal.
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this is u rn

how did u land?

are you okay?!
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Fuck both of u lucifer can suck it
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I mean he probably would. That guy seems like a real team player to me.

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