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Grimy grim grimorium nep fans! I just spent an afternoon reading theMagister Officiorium⁰ A volume that deals primarily with rituals of evocation, “physical interaction with spirits”, in the radiation of Slolumic ceremony. So, im putting together this thread for these thoughts, and future entries, of possibly more totemic quality.

Resting somewhere in between orthodox and archetypal, drawing from the tradition of Obeah¹and a host of magical texts, our “fiery tongued Brazilian”² friend sets out to direct us in creating our own tome of

“...many evil and false invocations of devils, divinations, charms, and other things of the magical art which give a very bad example and are against god and the holy christian faith.”³

From the top then, or in this case the cover. A fancy black slipped cover, depending on your addition, which hosts an emblem of what at first appears to be a cross, but is actually a dastardly downward facing dagger. Which just so happens to be the first of the tools prescribed for the summons with which we’ll fill our scary buisness book. And while some sources say that just any old blade will do, our pal Ody assured me that one with a black handle and blade tempered in oil and human blood on a tuesday from iron that was used to commit a murder. will be the most effective!⁴ Other handy dandies include the magic of circles, a white robe with the symbols for Alph and Omegle, and a nifty Solinium belt and ring combo that are both probably unnecessary, as well as sometimes not quite enough depending on what kinda calls you’re gonna make; but you’ll snag those two a little later anyway.  This spooked up pokey stabby is mostly useful for protections, like retracing the circle, but it also adds a bonus to your threaten skill! and can be a a real boon in case you need to get that red life juice you keep inside to be outside for whatever read many reasons. Now all of this swag will be of aid for those evococitations i mentioned earlier. You have to render these invisibles visible if you wanna question em or snag their autograph on your pages. Ody likens this to the practice of exorcism⁵since it rides on the same principles of reminding spirits of their limited power in this world as well as commanding and threatening them to do your bidding in the names of higher authorities; like God, Angels or Deamon Kings.

What is implicit in the choice of names both inscribed on the regalia and in the words spoken is that there is a hierarchy which the spirits heed and of which they are reminded throughout the ritual, as proposed earlier when discussing authority. … top of the hierarchy sits the Heavens, … the various epithets of God and his Angels, descending to the sublunary spirits - or the spirits of air ⁶

And Mr. Ody offers us “... a series of conjuratyions of increasingly high pressure…”⁷ to accomplish this. Reminding us that, almost every grimore can “in the best of cases encompass the fundamentals of evocation… a suitable starting point.”⁸, but it is the desire of “would be practitioners” who need to make everything as convenient as possible that creates a quirky hobbyist. Ritual magicks are some serious stuff, and while “...adequate performance is in no way reliant on either acceptance of the religious precepts that govern it, or an understanding of the mechanisms by which we evoke and control them. It behooves the practitioner to … preform the ceremonies … so that its particulars can be grasped through trial, error and observation.”⁹, as a novice our authority comes from a reliance on tradition. Subsequent successes with “... capturing a signature and oath from the spirit that they will fulfil the charges as issued;...”¹⁰ will bring standing, and recognition on the part of spirits will make future workings easier. 

“Take solace in the fact that, …, every facet of it is an enactment of an earlier method that upon inspection will be shown to vary.”¹¹

A presentation of five practical ritual workings, beyond the initial crafting recipes; The first and most important being the answer to “who-do-we-summon-first?!”. After filling the first pages of the tomb with the seven conjurations of the Ars Goetia that honour will be bestowed upon Gemon¹²  Gemory. Gemon should be contacted with the intention to have her locate a key for the binding of a King, in this case Paimon¹³. Apparently this King of the West will give you a whole bunch of instruction later, making it way less necessary to ask other people where your next quest objectives or story events might be.

There's this whole hullabaloo about making sure the spirit you’re talking to is the right one, so Ceaser usually forces them prove they're the right ones by finding a hidden ring or coin in the room, or having them disclose some hidden knowledge that no one else could have; he lets em go if hes not sufficiently convinced. ’’But once he is’’ he makes them put down their signature, any alternate names they go by, promises on works to be fulfilled, and any and every other detail they might think is worth sharing. 

After achieving success with the previous task the second check for the docket comes as seeking  An Audience with Lucifer¹⁴ whom the Hygromanteia identifies as Eastern regent  alongside Astaroth in the West, Asmodai in the North, and Belzebuth in the South. Ody identifies Lucifer with Papa bones as the black sun and fiery serpents¹⁵  possessing similarities grimoires as gatekeepers, rulers, and traffickers of spirits.¹⁶ Apparently these cardinals are too powerful to call to manifest in the way we do for the others, though the favour of this Lucy guy in particular is worth the risk in the indirectict petitioning.

“Lucipher is the father of all devills, he may not be called, for he is in the depths of hell, yet by him as by Tantavalerion, other devills may be coniured & bound, for all devills doe reverence & worship this devill Lucyfer & that with a kind of maiestie, they doe all obey him, for soe hath God ordeyned & appointed to them.”¹⁷ For this working the shopping list looks like: some rum, an egg, the absolutely hugest tree you can find, enough of your blood to scratch out six names on a square of fine white linen, a Brass Serpent¹⁸ , and two yellow candles to be placed in the fanciest candle holders with the highest price tag you can find¹⁹. This Tree represents the one at the very center of hell, and we’re gonna offer the egg and tasty dark rum to its roots rather than the spirits we are petitioning. Saying “Tree of fiery roots, servant of the unbowing Lord of the Forest, carry forth in your veins my message to these most abominable Kings, without delay. I offer these to you as payment.”²⁰First though we have to leave the serpent to hang out with the candles for seven days before a full moon. Then we write the names Bael Lucifer Belezebuth Satan Ashmedai Tantavalerion in our blood on the white square staring at it for half an hour, rolling it up like a scroll and walking backwards away from it as we leave the candles to burn down. A night later later go out to the tree with the effigee the cloth, the offerings, and two fresh candles in their holders. Untie the cloth, light the candles, place the offerings on a plate and chill till they burn out; while chanting 

“Lucifer, Belezebuth, Satan, Ashmedai, Tantavalerion, Bael, rulers of in Hell, I adure you to be of aid to me. Send me a faithful spirit to meet me at the crossroads of dreams, who can advise me in your ways of gaining your favour, so that I may consort with your legions. May my master be affable and tell me no lies, as I, {name}, your supplicant seek not to overthrow you. And once this is done, I will bid them to return to you and will hold their name in honour for the rest of my days”²¹ Rinse and repeat for the next six days, dumping the rum and the egg on the tree roots and giving it our thanks, as written, under the light of the full moon on the last. If all goes well we will be met with a messenger in our dreams, or another notable sign within a few days.

Next we are gifted brewing instructions for bottled spirit, methodically achieved by either extracting one from the possessed or removing said spirit from a haunted treasure²², gibbed straight out of the Hygromantiea! We’re gonna need musky galbanium cloves for incense, one bottle, four candles, and a virgin or olive oil depending on which you have more handy. Light the incense, fill the bottle half way with the oil, then place the botte on the cloth in the center of the four lit candles. Bring whatever the spirit is attached to into the vicinity. Place your various demands upon it that it leave your possessed person, treasure, or treasured person and make manifest in the smokey smolder wafting up off our gently igniting highspecific incentious miscellany. Once it shows up in the visible scented air point your murder spike at the bottle and tell that paranormal hitchhiker to “Get. In. There.” Once your virgin friend, or you, sees the spirit inside the bottle, apply the cork and various appropriate ⛧seals⛧ to its top. & there the spirit shall remain until you release it (or dont) to take care of some task it has agreed to do for you, presumably in exchange for its freedom.  

‘‘The Bottle’’ is, ofcourse, a one and done kind of dealio; so for those looking for a  more permanent spiritual fix Ody has developed a Magical Skull in a Jar. Tricky, since it needs to be both large enough to write on but small enough to fit in your opaque wood or clay jar. Here the purpose is to aquire a familiar by binding it to the skull for the ease of access. Just open the hid and 


>’hi there little spooky buddy’

Call up your preferred distributor by your selection of esoteric chant and visualizer through their sigil, have it and its representative place it & is representative’s signs in your book, then place its given symbol on the skull. Could not be easier or peasier.

The last of Ody’s instructables is The Black Table of Bune, which are basically his directions on holding a seance²³  with the Goetic sigil for Bune²⁴placed in a under the table. Obviously the one that plays best at parties, though Ody suggests regular meetings with this this technique can give you a tight group of advancing necromancers in as few as four weeks,so gather your most psychic friends, a table of appropriate seating space, and a black cloth to cover it. A ouija board can be a stand in if you have no psychic friends. With the help of Bune scrawled under the table any spirit of particular or unimportant identity can now be summoned for the  interrogation  interview of those present. Stuff like this has been known to get out of hand so make sure to perform all proper purifications and banishings prior and following every session. Ody likes to wash himself with unperfumed soaps, wear fresh linens, abstain from sex, recite Psalm 51 and douse the whole place in holy water.

Now you might be wondering “Where exactly ought i perform these great offenses to the lord?” to which i respond “have you never even seen a scary movie?” cuz any and all of the most classicest of locales will do! Forests, crossroads, clearings, caves, groves, dry or when river beds, filthy abandoned gas station batherooms in the middle of nowhere. Heck, even the shy, agoraphobic and antisocial masses can participate seeing as even your dingy bedroom can work. What matters most is that you can manage to remain undisturbed by non participants (or the light of the sun) for the entirety of the ritual ~ ♥ ~
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>>132 (OP) 

⁰ A book by Julio Cesar Ody who announces himself as a practitioner of both Obeah and Trinidad Kabbalah, from whence he brings us these “...technologies…”. p.55(Ody 2019)
¹A tradition originating from the Caribbean and derived from African, Native, and European beliefs; the practice of which was criminalized as early as 1760 p.XV(Ody 2019)
²Back flap of dust jacket  (Ody 2019)
³ p. 4 (Ody 2019)
⁴Bear in mind though that mister Ody thinks it wiser (and easier) to obtain the material from a licenced professional at your local military base, as well as using a divinitory spirit to verify the death at the edge of the blade. P15-6 (Ody 2019)
⁵The og King of solomon was said to be an exceptional exorcist (Crowley et al. 2017)
⁶P.8 (Ody 2019)
⁷ p.xix (Ody 2019)
⁸ P. 55 (Ody 2019)
⁹ p.54(Ody 2019)
¹⁰  P.6 (Ody 2019)
¹¹ P.7 (Ody 2019)
¹²P.137 Servant of Paimon (Paymon) and the 56th of the Ars Goetia. She is capable of telling of the past, present and future, as well as being able to locate hidden treasur, and procure the love of women. She appears as a beautiful woman riding a camel with a crown around her waist. The Goetia of Dr. Rudd places Poiel as her constraining Angel (Belanger 2010)
P.21,50 According to Julio, beyond her usually listed abilities she can also identify what leniages of power will be most useful to acquire and assist with forging connections with people in positions able to assist with that. As well as disclosing methods for crafting effigies that make Paimon easier to contact. (Ody 2019) 
¹³ Paimon (Paymon) is the 9th oth the 72 deamons in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Holding some of the fiercest loyalties to Lucifer, their arrival is preceded by trumpets, cymbals, and other loud instruments. They speak in an incredibly loud voice and have an exceptionally effeminate face. They are capable of providing knowledge of the arts and sciences, locating the Abyss*, telling the origins of wind, as well as providing familiar spirits. There exist various claims of them belonging to the order of Dominions or Cheribum. According to ‘the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage’, Paimon causes visions, raises the dead and summons diverse spirits. P.42, 52-3, 238-9 (Belanger 2010) This same book is best known  for the ritual of binding of Deamonic Kings which concludes with ‘the Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel’ in which Paimon is identified as one of four evil angels, and given an alternate name, Asael;  said to guard the west and embody water. P.12 (An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Mag...)  Asael (Azael) is the Archangel which constrains and binds Tephras, the demon of ashes, to lift heavy stones for the construction of the temple of solomon (ToS 33)(Crowley et al. 2017). Although Agrippa split Paymon and Asael. Placing Asael as Paymon's agent on earth riding a sea monster alongside the other cardinal directions Demonic Kings’ agents; Samael on a serpent, Azazel on a basilisk, and Mahazael on a salamander. P.13 (An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Mag...)
P.50  ody experienced the playing of trumpets before the arrival of Paymon and describes them as a middle eastern man covered in jewels. He testifies to their help gaining initiations and accurately predicting the future as well as generally improving this professional success (Ody 2019)
¹⁴Possibly the most popular name for the Devil, they have been cast in roles as Satan, the serpent in genesis, and the dragon in revelation. First appearing in Issiah 14:12 the ‘’morning star become ‘’light bearer’’ has a rich mythos where they rebel against god. Leading an army against the troops Archangel Micheal, and upon Lucifer’s loss, they and a third of the angels in heaven are cast out into the abyss* where they are chained and bound in hell until the final day of judgment. In Sacred Magic of Abrememelin the Mage they are of the four principal spirits, sharing the rank with Levithan, Satan, and Belial. P.191-3 (Belanger 2010)
Da’at , the black sun, is the sephirot fallen into the abyss at the eating of the fruit of knoweledge, creating a separation of the top portion of the tree of life from the lower two thirds. Da’at is thought to be a gate to the qliphotic dark worlds, and though it has associations with others, notably lilith, it is popularly linked with Lucifer.
“And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”
Genesis 3:22
 P.39-44 (Karlsson)
¹⁵ Ody’s book begins with recollection of an encounter had with a spirit they refer to as ‘’the Lord of the Forest’’ who appears as a goat head with an attached spine dangling from it. This spirit grants them visions of a serpent entering a tower, writhing pits of hell, and flesh eating insects  before another spirit appears whose horrors are too difficult to stand, returning silence when its name is demanded. Several days later during a ritual for another the same spirit returns eyeless with human shape, this time it gives it name when asked {name not provided}. It gives extensive information on the other spirits Ody has been working with and has located around his ritual space; “it calls them serpents of fire and tells of their many skirmishes with magicians of the past, the chains they laid on these spirits for restraining and commanding them, their connection to Heaven above and of untold ills perpetrated on Earth by evil-doers with their aid.” christ’s sacrifice is named as the strongest curse preventing their easy entry into the world, but their temporary passage could be provided by ‘’Lucifer’’. Alliance with him must be sought through permission of Satan, who is named guardian of the Emperor. p.ix-xii (Ody 2019)
¹⁶ p.xvii,32(Ody 2019)
¹⁷ Quote from Folger MMS Ceaser’s emphasis  V.b.26 P.31 (Ody 2019)
¹⁸ In Numbers 21:4-9 The Isrealites blaspheme God while wandering through the desert, complaining of their living conditions, poor food, and lack of water. God then sends a swarm of fiery (venomous) serpents that bite and kill many of the Irealites causing them to repent and ask Moses to pray for a solution. God tells moses to cast a brass serpent to place on a pole so that all who were bitten may look at it and be saved. Nehustan (which sounds like the Hebrew words for both bonze serpent and unclean thing) is the name Moses gives to this brass serpent. Which continued to be worshiped, with the burning of incense, in the temples alongside their spouse Asherah until King Hezekiah (791-618 B.C.) had them smashed and burned and their worship banned. II Kings 18 After this however the image of YHVH and serpents began to be associated, a snake footed Yahweh appeared, and the distinction of who was God and who was Satan became less clear. p.294-5 (Campbell and Abadie 1981)
“the impulse to assimilate the attributes of the many gods and goddesses of older polytheistic systems to the one god, YHWH. Language that speaks of God as mother, for example (as in Deut 32:18; Num 11:12–13; Isa 45:9–10, 49:15; 66:13), probably represents the assimilation of Asherah’s maternal characteristics to YHWH.” (Ackerman )
In John 3:13-5 Jesus compares himself to nehustan saying 
“No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven - the Son of Man.
Just as Moses lifted the snake in the desert, so the son of man must be lifted up,
That everyone who believes in him may have eternal life”
¹⁹ While the serpent can be painted to color, Ody instructs us to blow as much cash as we can on these holders. The more ostentatious the better, dark lords love ornamentation.
²⁰p.34(Ody 2019)
²¹ Ody says this can be a lie; as long as you dont admit it and act like it isnt~
²² The King of the Arabians petitions Solomon for help dealing with the spirit Ephippas, and is given a method of bottling the spirit and utilizing it to find treasure. (ToS 117-23) (Crowley et al. 2017)
²³ In the tradition of Spiritism, which sought to fuse the notions of spirit and science, and it might be noted that Hudini despised.
²⁴26th goetic appears as a 3 headed dragon (one dog, one griffin, one human), grants riches wisdom and eloquence. Mover of the dead. P.79 (Belanger 2010)
Presumably we contact Bune first, verify their identity vias their ability to “dim the candle lights, and drop the temperature of the room” so that they might shuttle other spirits requested until the end of the session

Ackerman, Susan. n.d. “Asherah/Asherim: Bible.” Jewish Women’s Archive. Accessed July 7, 2023.,found%20in%20the%20Israelite%20tradition.
An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke: The Magical Works of Humphrey Gilbert & John Davis from British Library Additional Manuscript 36674. 2020.
Belanger, Michelle. 2010. The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned. Llewellyn Worldwide.
Campbell, Joseph, and M. J. Abadie. 1981. The Mythic Image. Princeton University Press.
Crowley, Aleister, S. L. MacGregor Mathers, and F. C. Conybeare. 2017. The Three Magical Books of Solomon.
Ody, Julio Cesar. 2019. MAGISTER OFFICIORUM: The Ceremony of Solomonic Magic.
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