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Oh! >>139 Spinny, Spinac, Spitstacheo, errr... Ol Spinster. I know that guy He was a psycho that spent his life crafting geometric lenses for three eyes. And as reported by his bibliographer breaking into fits of erotic laughter while watching personally arranged spider death matches. I heard he even felt that warfare could be a relative perfection if human essence was insectoid. Spiders expressing their relationship with the world through their web or whatever. For him only a thinker had a potent life, a life that explained them.

After getting excommunicated from the Amsterian Jewish community by choice Ol Spinster spent his in and out of boarding houses asking only that is uncommon aim be tollerated. Poor guy couldnt integrate anywhere. Which maybe had something to do with  his distaste for indian companies and the orange houses where calvin would throw this S&M parties. Asking himself "Whats with all these death cults and bondage?"

Refusing to works several jobs offered him by universities and preferring to remain a private thinker, He drew up a coupe things on ethics, theological treatise and himself in Nepolitan costume. 

P.3-14 Spinoza Practical Philosophy
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>>136 (OP) 

I'd love to say "Thanks Nep", but this doesn't really give me much to go on about this guys philosophy.
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