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Card of the Tread [CTT]
Knight of Wands

Of the fire element. Knight of wands represents someone who is a true charmer. Charm is however a double blade, something which attracts in necessarily something which interests coincide with your own. Nobody is perfect and you should make sure to watch yourself around this one until you're sure their forces can benefit your home.
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>>19 (OP) 
Fuck I love bad reading threads
lemme try, lemme try!


A card of earthly and preposterous beginnings. Prepare to get filthy as you drop your nutrient seeking tendrils deep into the moist mineral rich soil in a bid to set yourself up with a solid foundation for your future projections!
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Oof u done got getted
Cycle over. Adapt or change. Nothing else to do. It's over in the most finalist of ways. Finito fren. Gonezilla. Poof powda. Give it up gorilla. Get ready for something new. Or don't and watch how far that gets you. Shing 

also something about renewal or whatever. But u know mostly just corpses and despair roflflamingo
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Bring the heat. 
When all seems lost in the cold damp victory seemingly arrives from out of nowhere. Maybe not in the shape you were expecting, hell at this point you probably weren't expecting to make it out at all, but it a w all the same. look forward to it if  you're not there already.
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"oh my gosh!" 

"well what the heck?" 

"how unexpected."

That's the kind of stuff you're gonna be spewing here pretty soon good buddy. Ch-ch-chAnges. tide comes out, tide goes in. things flow, cycles exist.  best not to get too attached. Them yinny yangs is commin & i hope you're feeling lucky punk. cuz shit is happenen and you don't get to not be a part of it.

dw tho it will bring you closer to life's porpoise
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Revelation & Insight

Even moonless nights have some light although cloud cover might make that hard to believe. Some might even say this light  is prettier. Hope exists even when ideals are lost and dreams are shattered. The strength to push on exists for those who care to find it.
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FIRE FIRE FIRE! on the brain in your mind more than likely. you've journeyed long and hard to reach this point! Celebrate with your new companions mental fatigue and multiplicative psychoses who have volunteered to keep you company. fret not, however, as you near the end of the experience loop to a less vulnerable state of mind. Don't forget to take tasks slow 'n' steady, and be careful not to bite off more than you can chew desu.
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Wealth, reward abundance
earthly harvest with more fruit than expected. Plenty enough to share, and its coming your way if its not your own.
Make use of the resources as you like, there's more than enough to go around.
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