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From the edges of observable time all occultism & statecraft have made one of their gravest concerns that of developing the ability to detect the directional form of the present so as to apprehend the future. In a certain sense this also serves as the basis for intelligence & consciousness itself. And nowhere is this more easily observable than in the flows of the abstracted financial market place.

We would NEVER claim that this place can serve to provide financial advice, but with luck it may help us all develop an ability to create our own.
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Card of the Tread [CTT]
Knight of Wands

Of the fire element. Knight of wands represents someone who is a true charmer. Charm is however a double blade, something which attracts in necessarily something which interests coincide with your own. Nobody is perfect and you should make sure to watch yourself around this one until you're sure their forces can benefit your home.
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"oh my gosh!" 

"well what the heck?" 

"how unexpected."

That's the kind of stuff you're gonna be spewing here pretty soon good buddy. Ch-ch-chAnges. tide comes out, tide goes in. things flow, cycles exist.  best not to get too attached. Them yinny yangs is commin & i hope you're feeling lucky punk. cuz shit is happenen and you don't get to not be a part of it.

dw tho it will bring you closer to life's porpoise
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Revelation & Insight

Even moonless nights have some light although cloud cover might make that hard to believe. Some might even say this light  is prettier. Hope exists even when ideals are lost and dreams are shattered. The strength to push on exists for those who care to find it.
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FIRE FIRE FIRE! on the brain in your mind more than likely. you've journeyed long and hard to reach this point! Celebrate with your new companions mental fatigue and multiplicative psychoses who have volunteered to keep you company. fret not, however, as you near the end of the experience loop to a less vulnerable state of mind. Don't forget to take tasks slow 'n' steady, and be careful not to bite off more than you can chew desu.
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Wealth, reward abundance
earthly harvest with more fruit than expected. Plenty enough to share, and its coming your way if its not your own.
Make use of the resources as you like, there's more than enough to go around.
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Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.
~ Lao Tzu

As above so below I am told
the Earth holds many blessings
right now more than others 
patience and care rewarded

the advantages of prosperity are meant to be shared
consider yourself lucky to help while it lasts <3


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Ok so what the fuck is an I Ching?
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As traditionally told, the Yi Jing takes its development through a progression of three legendary sages. Fu Xi, King When, and Confucius. ...figures belonging to a liminal space between myth and history.⁰ Fu Xi is the first Emperor of China [2952-2838] whose existence is perhaps entirely fictional sometimes depicted with the image of a human head on the body of a serpent. Fyu Xi is credited with the creation of the eight trigrams and their original arrangement early heaven. Alternatively titled Bao Xi, taken to mean ...Hunter,tamer of animals, & cook.¹ Reminisced as ruler of the world, the first creator of culture; the trigrams appeared to him in his examination of the natural world, its patterns close and far, in an attempt to connect with the Dao and classify the “Myriad of beings”.

King When, who lived during the warring states period, is supposedly responsible for the development of those eight into the system of sixty four though some sources still credit this to Fu Xi during a meditation sustained the length of seven years; the focus of which was on the great “care & sorrow” of conditions at that time and how to re-align them under the divine Dao. In this dungeon, with this motivation, he became the pattern King. Pairing every hexagram, and amending them, and each line, with a text found in the Tuan Zhuan Which constitute the first two wings of the Yi Jing and established him as the book’s principle author. That When’s imprisonment came at the hands of the tyrant Di Xin who ..Tortured the beings.²  means it is not surprising that it is under his dynasty, the Zhang, that the Yi came into use. Ancestrally titled changes of the Zhou, bearing his name. A book whose use may have been many’s only recourse in this time of turmoil. Which saw feudal lords acting independently and warring with each other over local lands while the Emperor functioned only as a figure head. A time of great yi where out of a hundread soldiers who advanced, only one would return….³  The Huni nan Zi says…the tortoise had holes bored in its shell until it had no undershell left & the divining stalks were cast day after day’ 

After this upheaval and violence the use of the oracle began to be flavoured much more seriously with concerns of the ethical variety. This moral approach to encountering Yi is attributed to the Confucian school of thought. Tradition credits Confucius with all essential commentaries on the Yi likely falsely. That is aligning the first eight wings of the text and establishing all five classics as near religious doctrine. It is far less disputable that his influence deemphasised the orracular aspects of the text. Instead posing it as a model of the cosmos to be pondered and examined, the wisdom of the ancients. An attitude which would be fully adopted under the Han (206 BC - 220 AD). And while “this illustrious genealogy had considerable cultural and political relevance”⁵  unifying diverse people across the empire under confucius thought, being scarcely questioned for over two thousand years, the simple progression of lines to orracular hexagrams is unlikely. Rather than the progression outlined in I Ching: a new interpretation for modern times where hexagrams progress from a divinatory yes/no of the broken and unbroken yin and yang lines to a yes but/no but possibility with two lines, into the complexity of the trigrams; a more likely origin exists in an assemblage of practices drawn from beginnings in paleolithic pyromancy.

The oracular tradition then has a divergent origin from that which is traditionally proposed. And while even the philosophical tradition of Confucian thought maintains a view point different than the causal perspective of western thinking, and here it is described here by Josheph Needham

The key-word in Chinese thought is order and above all pattern (and, if I may whisper it for the first time organism). The symbolic correlations or correspondences all formed part of one Colossal pattern. Things behaved in particular ways not necessarily because of prior actions or impulsions of other things, but because their position in the ever -moving cyclical universe was such that they were endowed with intrinsic natures which made it inevitable for them…. They were thus parts in the existential dependence upon the whole world0organism. And they reacted upon one another not so much by mechanical impulsion or causation as by a kind of mysterious resonance.⁶ 

 Often coined correlative and brought to a cannon standardization under the Han in the meeting of white tiger hall (79 A.D.) it culled many of the aspects from which it had originated.

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⁰p.33 (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
¹P.34 (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
²p.36 (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
³p.42(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁴p.42(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁵P.33 (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁶p.52(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁷P.37 e(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁸p37(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
⁹P.37 wang donglang (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
¹⁰P.38 (Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
¹¹p38(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
¹²p.41(Ritsema and Sabbadini 2018)
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Good taste is male tase for a reason , How many rock songs echo the attitude of Dion, they have been the control behind almost all of cultural creation. They set the standards of experience by which art is measured, Justified, and creations that fall outside of this experiential window have their designers “put down and misunderstood named by the (male) cultural establishment ‘lady artist’, i.e. trivial, inferior. And even when it must be (grudgingly) admitted she is ‘good’ it is fashionable… to insinuate that she is good bu irrelevant.”P.143 (Firestone 2003) spoilers mine and for this reason should be unsurprising “... that they are seldom as skilled as men at the game of culture”p.143 (Firestone 2003) because they have to compete as men in a male game where “ is not just a question of being as competent, but of being authentic.”p.143 (Firestone 2003) and when the outright denial of their experience doesn't push them onto the psychologists couch to receive treatment that has “...proven worse than useless…”p.64 (Firestone 2003) for it is “... the operation of institutions only within the given value system, thus promoting acceptance of the status quo.”p.63 (Firestone 2003) is is not just men that are placed into a state of emotional repression then, women are barred from expressing any array that could be seen as negative, ruining their sweet character, from Reiks couch “I am afraid to show these emotions because if I did; it would be like opening a Pandora's box … I am afraid my aggression would destroy all.”p.61 (Firestone 2003) this has lead more than a few to simply try to adapt to into a persona of male psychology, subjecting themselves in a loveless detachment, to a drying up of the emotions, a shallowing sickness which couldn’t even approach liberation from the trade; all to avoid the perception that their side of things happens to be “... one long protestant complaint rather than a portrayal of a full and substantive existence…”p.143 (Firestone 2003). We inhabit an unfortunate case where culture is so saturated with bias that neither can give a comprehensive view of experience, though certainly the supply of one is lacking in quantity compared to the other, And so in Firestone’s opinion “It would take a denial of all cultural tradition for women to produce even a true ‘female’ art.”p.143 (Firestone 2003) an emergence which “... may signify the beginnings of a new consciousness,...”p.151 (Firestone 2003) for blossoms of the mind bear their fruits in reality, or what might be left of it.

What then is love? To Firestone it is the height of selfishness. A process by which “... the self attempts to enrich itself through the absorption of another being. Love is being psychically wide-open to another. It is a situation of total emotional vulnerability. Therefore it must be not only the incorporation of the other, but an exchange of selves. Anything short of a mutual exchange will hurt the other party.”p.115 (Firestone 2003)³  This exchange of selves is rarely what happens today. The successful process is blocked, “often resulting in … an emotional cynicism that makes it difficult if not impossible to ever love again.”p.115 (Firestone 2003) But the system which causes the blockage, a disparity of power dynamic most recently resultant from the Oedipus Complex, whose structures are proclaimed as healthy and re-enforced through the extrapolated authority of freudian psychoanalysis, needn't be the case. Where Firestone notes the roots of psychoanalysis and feminism being the same with the criteria for selection of one over the other being that “Fruedianism subsumed the place of feminism as the lesser of two’’ evilsp.56 (Firestone 2003)  Feminism riding on the difference that it “... does not accept the social context in which repression (and the resulting neurosis) must develop as immutable. If we dismantle the family, the subjection of “pleasure’ to ‘reality’, i.e. sexual repression, has lost its function; and is no longer necessary.”p.56 (Firestone 2003)

One of the weapons Shulie identifies as a means of re-enforcing male culture, here the idea of a woman to be agrandized rather than understood, is erotism. Choosing an example written by herbert Gold What’s Become of Your Creature, floundering in his attempt to “...describe the whole spectrum of male/female experience”p.145 (Firestone 2003) in that he can't even attempt to see beyond the “male” angle. The story follows the philandering protagonist, Frank, whose failing marriage, unsurprisingly, ... for he needs her anxiety as a steady reminder that he is still “free””p.122 (Firestone 2003) begins to improve as he enters an affair with a young pretty girl by the name of Lenka. It progresses through all the expected stages. Frank, a college professor, begins his relationship with a student, and when it is broken off she confronts his wife with a letter ruining his marriage. Unable to undergo the mental effort to understand her reasoning, he remains baffled as to the cause. Years later, with a new young foreigner on his arm, he encounters Lenka again. Drug addicted and prostituting herself to make ends meet, when she makes a pass at him he having called her on the phone to meet recently (which she declined), he is overcome by an aversion to her uncleanliness, her disease, and “Because he could not bear her sorrows,...”p.147 (Firestone 2003) flees into the street. His story’ closing; happily embracing a wife, newly with child, wondering what could have happened to Lenka.

Frank, and by extension Herbert, expose their emotional shallowness. Unable to understand Lenka’s motivations; her heartbreak, her motivations for seeing him in the first place, her abysmal disappointment that he would leave her for someone he was cheating on “You cared more about a cold bitch than you cared for me just because you had a child.”p.146 (Firestone 2003) Defanging her efforts by granting her “full points for cruelty and sweetness”, he is incapable of relating to her as a person with her own plans and goals. Finally he abandons her in disgust, finding her used by other men as a means to keep the lights on.

Another example of this ‘male angle’ stunting erotism, of which are the majority, is the character Catherine in Trufants film Jules and Jim where “She kills the man who dared escape her, along with herself” “such vamps and femmes fatales... [are] in reality nothing more than women who refuse to accept their powerlessness.” P.151 (Firestone 2003) And though the art is accurate the feminine mystique exhibited by Catherine goes purposefully unprobed by Trufant, the feminine perspective purposefully ignored as a means of achieving erotism. However, “Erotism is exciting. Noone wants to get rid of it. Life would be a drab and routine affair without at least that spark.”p.139 (Firestone 2003) It is then worth looking at an example where erotism id done right. “Only a few artists have overcome this division in their work… if not through physical expression, then in some other way the greatest artists became mentally androgynous.”p.148 (Firestone 2003) Of which The story of the Eye by Georges Bataille proves a “...most accomplished…” study. Rather than relinquishing the female protagonist's perspective as the means of cultivating a mystery to induce erotism, Bataille makes the narrator's investigation of her perspective the main aspect of erotism for the first half of the book. An intimate search for a meeting and a realization in communication. Almost immediately after their first meeting she becomes split between two characters, Simone and Marcelle.  Marcelle being the face she must present to the world to meet its standards, restrictions, and expectations in addition to the protective layer of the dance women must partake in. Simone, what lies underneath, the true meeting and communication with whom the narrator is after, and whom the split protagonist feels she must keep hidden. Three aspects are of exceptional import when entering the middle of tale; first is Marcelle’s retention in and escape from the mental hospital, next marcelle’s mention of marriage after escape, -just before her death- and third is Marcelle’s death occurring during the first copulation of Simone and the narrator. The notable line being “We were so calm, all three of us, and that was the most hopeless part of it.” This trifecta is the realization of the acquired commitment, dropping the act, relinquishing and the resultant lul in excitement when each party finally meets in the representative carnal act. But what distinguishes Bataille's story is the “X-ray vision… Increased sensitivity to the real, if hidden, values of the other…” the narrator displays in his pursuit of Simone, not Marcelle, who is only ever there under Simone’s insistence. For while Firestone criticizes “...’blindness or ‘idealization’...” she specifies “...if we could eliminate the political context of love between the sexes, would we not have  some degree of idealization remaining in the love process itself? I think so.”p.118 (Firestone 2003)  The spark that ignites the erotism in this story is the interest in meeting Simone, she who lies beyond the illusory Marcelle. Further, it should not be read that the political conditions are rendered moot in this story. Rather, following their meeting it is the narrator who becomes split, after a symbolic crossing of a river, between Sir Edmond, an economic provider who is emotionally distanced,  and himself prior. 

What Bataille displays is an attempt at an errotic and comprehensive picture of the split reality  “... art which is guilty of only reflecting the human price of a sex-divided really, great care would have to be taken that criticism be directed, not at the artists for their (accurate) portrayal of the imperfect reality, but at the grotesqueness of that reality itself as revealed by the art.”p.152 (Firestone 2003)

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The Handdara is a cult of ignorance, devotees of unknowing and practitioners of presence⁶. A religion without vows, creed, or priests; their belief in a god is equally as uncertain. An organization almost completely intangible if it were not for the Fastnesses, where practice the foretellers. Diviners whose calls once made there can be no doubt, certainty abounds, as solid as anything ever could be. A question asked and if possible⁷ an answer given in a way now unavoidable. Though this may ring akin to Taoism, when Genly asks if the business is “... on the plane of pure chance divination, along with yarrow stalks and flipped coins. No, Faxe says, not at all, chance was not involved. The whole process was in fact precisely the reverse of chance.” p.64 (Le Guin 2000)

Fortelling in process involves nine members of a circle. A weaver at the center who controls the power and the movement of the others. Five regular indwellers, adept practitioners of presence, one of whom must be in Kemmer alien heat whose tension and opposite sex expression is aroused by a pervert⁸. And two Zanies, time dividers, whose insanity is their skill⁹, enhancing and reflecting the tension. In the words of Faxe the weaver “The energy builds up and builds up, always sent back and back, redubling the impulse everytime, until it breaks through and the light is in me, around me, I am the light…”p.71 (Le Guin 2000) The Asker asks their question and pays the price they can afford. The pervert arouses the Kemmerer and the Zanies keep a rhythm. The weaver maintains a focus on themselves,maintains the connection sensing the pattern surfing control until the web collapses. As Genly observes “... Abrupt visions and sensations all sexually charged and grotesquely violent, a red black seething of erotic rage.” p.69 (Le Guin 2000) too intense for him to handle, a chaos of gaping pits with ragged lips, a time distortion that could do nothing less than drive him mad, one which he struggled to shut out but found be cowed and trapped in his own mind far worse than “... the connection, the communication that ran, wordless, inarticulate, through Faxe…” p.68 (Le Guin 2000) and “...the Weaver: a woman, a woman dressed in light. The light was silver, the silver was armour, an armoured woman with a sword. The light burned, sudden and intolerable, the light along her limbs, the fire, and she screamed aloud in terror and pain, ‘Yes, yes, yes!,” p.69(Le Guin 2000) reaching across time until the circle of the web collapses, the asker answered; and Genly could not evade the certainty that the answer was right¹⁰. Why then would a cult of unknowledge devote themselves to a practice that gives shapes of certainty?

“To exhibit the perfect uselessness of knowing the answer to the wrong question.” p.74 (Le Guin 2000)

“We mostly come to the fastnesses to learn what questions not to ask” p.74 (Le Guin 2000)

“Ignorance is the ground of thought. Unproof is the ground of action.” p.75 (Le Guin 2000)

“There’s really only one question that can be answered, Genry, and we already know the answer…. The only thing that makes life possible is, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.” p.75 (Le Guin 2000)

Chance divination finds information about a direction in time to make decisions on the non-immutable as we push into uncertainty.
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>>41ex:One way to approach the basic power of the universe is through magic. From this approach to the power of tao comes Popular Toaism, the Taoism of the masses. Popular toaism is not a pretty sight. We have already said enough about the original doctrine of the Tao to indicate that it was a concept to subtle to be grasped by the average mind or spirit. It was perhaps inevitable that when the concept was translated to make contact with the average villager and institutionalized around this translation it would be rendered in cruder and eventually perverted terms. To pass from the lofty heights of the Tao Te Ching to the priestcraft of Populat Taoism is like passing from a crystal mountain spring to thick, fetid waters of a stagnant canal. Mysticism become mystification and religion is perverted into necromancy and socery. There have been long epochs in Chin’a history where Taoism in its popular form could be characterized as little more than a funeral racket.p.200 (Smith 1958)

¹... never questioning why the male model wears a jock strap when the female model wouldn’t dream of appearing in as much as a G-string.p.142 (Firestone 2003)

²A presumption so strong the alien human male hybrid, Akin, from tri-sexed alien breeding novel Adulthood Rites is assumed a wanderer by nature before even having finished adolecence.

³ An offer of a case of the phenomena, though perhaps beyond exaggeration, and deserving of greater exploration, occurring with success in conditions harsher than need description. Hansel and Gretel, the twins from Black Lagoon, breathe each other in and out to the point they’ve lost their own permanent distinction. Each lives inside the other as much as fully as they live inside themselves, across each other at either time, fully exchanged and hosted. A greater trust would hardly be possible without the loss of individuation, that would be the integration of their alternating male/female personalities, their traumatically compartmentalized selves.
The exchange between puppeteer and Katsuragi is additionally worth contemplation.

⁴The clear exception to this case is existent in fujoshi. The Author of my lesbian experiences with loneliness Nagata Kabi, at one time (p.117 (Nagata 2017)) only allowed herself to indulge in pornography of the boy love yaoi-hole variety.

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What banishings do you do to make sure you don't have external influences affecting you when you attempt to divine? i used to not really think much about it and I would just shuffle a bunch and let my tarot cards talk to me (basically shuffle until they said it was enough), but my reads got pretty unreliable once I moved. It got hard to 'hear' my cards and I started 'hearing' a lot of other things so I've been taking a break.

I also figured that even if there were 'external influences', then those things would probably affect me outside of the read so 'external influences' makes up part of the situation I was doing a read on in the first place. But I usually didn't do readings that had an 'external influences' card.
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>>13 (OP) 
Banishings generally aren't my style. I've always tried to cultivate space that selects for what I want. Influences that return are of the quality I desire, if for no other reason than that I can depend on them being there for me in the future. I don't know how you could do divination without aligning yourself with a flux of influences in the first place, so I don't understand what your concern is. Everything affects everything else through cascading events anyway, so why would slicing off a portion give you a better feel? If I was interested in a precise science of knowledge I wouldn't be divining with cards. Best to order influences through an intensive series, but I prefer to just have the order they present when I'm asking. I'm not sure what purpose an external influence card would serve. I always incorporate the card at the bottom of my deck in my own spreads and other wise as either a bit of extra information I might want to know, or a clarification about some aspect of the reading. At the end of the day you have to trust in chance, and if you don't, what is it you think you're tapping into?
I would consider a much greater concern to be exhausting the favour of what it is I've selected for by asking the same things over and over, or asking too often in general. When your answers seem wrong you might have tired out the forces. it might just be time to take break like you're doing.

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I know there are a lot of practitioners of divination who choose to commune with specific sets of entities if not a particular one to do their divining. Some people go to great lengths in preparation of their materials for the specific reason thet they want to select fo those things specifically and keep out influences that might not share their interest. What exactly is chance to you and why would it be something reliable to tap into?
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It is the happening element that connects everything. The crease along which reality is folded
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The predominant scientism saturated western sensibility discounts, even demonizes, weighting the meaning of synchronicity. Directly observable cause & effect are privileged as the only means to make relations between events acceptably accessible. The Yi Jing, however, is meant to map connections of a different kind. Often translated as *The Book of Changes*, "Changes" inadequately represents the unpredictability of the events it seeks to relate. Yi arrives when we have lost our bearings, what once was a useful method of orienting ourselves no longer applies. The sensibility that penned this book, this oracle, gleans meaning off random events, items of pure chance; a qualitative notion of time which allows all events occurring in unison to be embedded with information that spans its entirety. Understanding of the pattern can be pulled from any detail of the moment

"The way in which the ocular use of the Yi Jing relates to the configuration of events at any given moment is therefor more akin to the perception of a work of art than to the rational analysis of cause and effect."

In his forward to the translation of the Yi Jing by his friend Richard Wilhelm Jung* Describes the "Chinese mind" as being "exclusively preoccupied with the chance aspects of events", a rich tapestry of meaning interconnected as an organic whole, and in their interest in these subtler more complex less 
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The human influence is the real issue. Certainly you can understand not wanting it to fiddle with your scry, just as you could appreciate them only visibly meddling with things in person. There's whole swarms of them that would love to do invisibly, shamefully not all of them place their hands meaning well, and this I think, completely alters how you have to deal with things. I took would like to be able to just trust that what wants to be around wants what's best for us, but sometimes you have to get things out of your space and off your back.

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There are so many different kinds of divination its kind of ridiculous; card draws, oracle spreads, coin tosses, pendulum swings, dowsing rods, teas leaf intuition, scrying, stick drops, palm analysis, smoke staring, sack pull, dream interpretation and ouija boards barely even scratch the surface of what's out there. I know i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and i haven't even touched on specifics of a single one! Tough out there for an oracle...

so here's this general to organise some thoughts on around and between them.

recently I've been playing around with opening a book to a random page and seeing where that takes me. have been pleasantly surprised and honestly a little freaked out at how often connections seem to pop up without even thinking about number (;>.>). Definitely seems to work better if i'm already following a line of thought, or have established that im on a roll. kinda weird how u can just feel the vibe being there, which tends to diminish if you ask a little too much or too often. absolute best result that set me off on this whole thing: i read an appendix in the back of a text then jest let it fall open towards the front and BAM immense mind blowing coincidence arrival. all of which leads me to think that this method is either incredibly effective, my library is oddly aligned in subject matter, or books themselves ha
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obv this place wants to be /biz/ but not retarded and full of shills. the old /biz/ is dead.
here are some actually good threads i archived:

day trading

trading bot thread

it's not alpha per se it's just threads that had advice i found useful
nice one retard your thread killed wakarimasen
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