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From the edges of observable time all occultism & statecraft have made one of their gravest concerns that of developing the ability to detect the directional form of the present so as to apprehend the future. In a certain sense this also serves as the basis for intelligence & consciousness itself. And nowhere is this more easily observable than in the flows of the abstracted financial market place.

We would NEVER claim that this place can serve to provide financial advice, but with luck it may help us all develop an ability to create our own.

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Card of the Tread [CTT]
Knight of Wands

Of the fire element. Knight of wands represents someone who is a true charmer. Charm is however a double blade, something which attracts in necessarily something which interests coincide with your own. Nobody is perfect and you should make sure to watch yourself around this one until you're sure their forces can benefit your home.
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Bring the heat. 
When all seems lost in the cold damp victory seemingly arrives from out of nowhere. Maybe not in the shape you were expecting, hell at this point you probably weren't expecting to make it out at all, but it a w all the same. look forward to it if  you're not there already.
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"oh my gosh!" 

"well what the heck?" 

"how unexpected."

That's the kind of stuff you're gonna be spewing here pretty soon good buddy. Ch-ch-chAnges. tide comes out, tide goes in. things flow, cycles exist.  best not to get too attached. Them yinny yangs is commin & i hope you're feeling lucky punk. cuz shit is happenen and you don't get to not be a part of it.

dw tho it will bring you closer to life's porpoise
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Revelation & Insight

Even moonless nights have some light although cloud cover might make that hard to believe. Some might even say this light  is prettier. Hope exists even when ideals are lost and dreams are shattered. The strength to push on exists for those who care to find it.
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FIRE FIRE FIRE! on the brain in your mind more than likely. you've journeyed long and hard to reach this point! Celebrate with your new companions mental fatigue and multiplicative psychoses who have volunteered to keep you company. fret not, however, as you near the end of the experience loop to a less vulnerable state of mind. Don't forget to take tasks slow 'n' steady, and be careful not to bite off more than you can chew desu.
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Wealth, reward abundance
earthly harvest with more fruit than expected. Plenty enough to share, and its coming your way if its not your own.
Make use of the resources as you like, there's more than enough to go around.

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There are so many different kinds of divination its kind of ridiculous; card draws, oracle spreads, coin tosses, pendulum swings, dowsing rods, teas leaf intuition, scrying, stick drops, palm analysis, smoke staring, sack pull, dream interpretation and ouija boards barely even scratch the surface of what's out there. I know i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and i haven't even touched on specifics of a single one! Tough out there for an oracle...

so here's this general to organise some thoughts on around and between them.

recently I've been playing around with opening a book to a random page and seeing where that takes me. have been pleasantly surprised and honestly a little freaked out at how often connections seem to pop up without even thinking about number (;>.>). Definitely seems to work better if i'm already following a line of thought, or have established that im on a roll. kinda weird how u can just feel the vibe being there, which tends to diminish if you ask a little too much or too often. absolute best result that set me off on this whole thing: i read an appendix in the back of a text then jest let it fall open towards the front and BAM immense mind blowing coincidence arrival. all of which leads me to think that this method is either incredibly effective, my library is oddly aligned in subject matter, or books themselves ha
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What banishings do you do to make sure you don't have external influences affecting you when you attempt to divine? i used to not really think much about it and I would just shuffle a bunch and let my tarot cards talk to me (basically shuffle until they said it was enough), but my reads got pretty unreliable once I moved. It got hard to 'hear' my cards and I started 'hearing' a lot of other things so I've been taking a break.

I also figured that even if there were 'external influences', then those things would probably affect me outside of the read so 'external influences' makes up part of the situation I was doing a read on in the first place. But I usually didn't do readings that had an 'external influences' card.
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find the star kochab and start playing beyblade while meditating on it.
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>>13 (OP) 
Banishings generally aren't my style. I've always tried to cultivate space that selects for what I want. Influences that return are of the quality I desire, if for no other reason than that I can depend on them being there for me in the future. I don't know how you could do divination without aligning yourself with a flux of influences in the first place, so I don't understand what your concern is. Everything affects everything else through cascading events anyway, so why would slicing off a portion give you a better feel? If I was interested in a precise science of knowledge I wouldn't be divining with cards. Best to order influences through an intensive series, but I prefer to just have the order they present when I'm asking. I'm not sure what purpose an external influence card would serve. I always incorporate the card at the bottom of my deck in my own spreads and other wise as either a bit of extra information I might want to know, or a clarification about some aspect of the reading. At the end of the day you have to trust in chance, and if you don't, what is it you think you're tapping into?
I would consider a much greater concern to be exhausting the favour of what it is I've selected for by asking the same things over and over, or asking too often in general. When your answers seem wrong you might have tired out the forces. it might just be time to take break like you're doing.

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I know there are a lot of practitioners of divination who choose to commune with specific sets of entities if not a particular one to do their divining. Some people go to great lengths in preparation of their materials for the specific reason thet they want to select fo those things specifically and keep out influences that might not share their interest. What exactly is chance to you and why would it be something reliable to tap into?
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It is the happening element that connects everything. The crease along which reality is folded

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obv this place wants to be /biz/ but not retarded and full of shills. the old /biz/ is dead.
here are some actually good threads i archived:

day trading

trading bot thread

it's not alpha per se it's just threads that had advice i found useful
nice one retard your thread killed wakarimasen
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Ok so what the fuck is an I Ching?
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well changing lines are where things start to get really complicated, so ill try to keep it as simple as possible

you don't always get changing lines in a hexagram, but when you do you end up with two hexagrams where yin/yang lines go from segmented to solid or vice versa. it might be easier to understand them as old vs new lines rather than changing and unchanging. you see how the ☯ is central in >>4 image? that's because the ideas behind the Tai Ji are key to understanding not only why these lines change, but the system as a whole. the black and white halves represent yin and yang respectively, and each carries the seeds of the other within it. the way the split is drawn evokes the idea of a rotation because the change between these two is cyclical. when each is at the height of maturity it is entering into the other. when yin is old it becomes yang. when yang is old it becomes yin. here again the seeds of the other are at the entrance into that other represent the non opposition of the duality. duality as definition. it therefore follows that the xxx old yin line would change to yang and the ooo old yang line would follow suit. additionally x would be traditionally represented as 2 and o as 3. this because Tao is one (unity) two is yin which leads to three yang (together duality), that together form all things (trigrams hexagrams etc). Tai Ji again coming into play, representing the original one, as its whole, giving rise to duality, yin and yang.

all this means a total value of coins tossed will be either: 
6 old yin 
7 young yang 
8 young yin 
9 old yang


(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 8
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 9
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looks like we got two changing lines, so we have two hexagrams. primary & potential 
old yin on line 2 and old yang on line 5 (a symmetrical change very fun) 
from ䷞ mountain below & river above to ䷟ wind below & thunderbolt above 
hexagram 31 Hsien Influence/Wooing to hexagram 32 Heng Duration

starting from the bottom: 867798 ䷞ 🠺 ䷟

6 young yin - - remains broken - -
5 old yang -o- becomes broken - -
4 young yang _ remains solid  _
3 young yang _ remains solid _
2 old yin -x- becomes solid _
1 young yin - - remains broken - -

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I guess that answers what I asked, but I do think its a bit of a cop-out that you wouldn't even try to interpret your reading...
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alright bitch.
watch me interpret this

(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 7
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 9
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 7
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 9
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 6
(##3d2+3) Rolled 3 dice with 2 sides and modifier +3 = 7
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 changes on 2 3 and 5
Society/Concording People ䷌ -> ䷥ Neutrality/Polarizing

䷌ Society/Concording People
A social structure does not oppress you, you are in the second stage of a time cycle. Respect your superiors as they seek balance. Consider reading the Bhagavad-Gita 

Traditional reading of changing lines
2 You're a bit of a prick. You've been rude to more people than you ought to of and only some people in your incautious group are going to accept you. regrettable

3 You're an untrusting doofus who hides blades in the tall grass. your hesitancy causes friction and means you will not be accepted for a long time. this is a you problem, they've clearly shown their colours and are both tight knit loyal among themselves and as well as joined around a common cause

5 For whatever reason you don't have much of a choice in joining them. and while you are a brat about submission to norms you will be happy about having done so when all is said and done.

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