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There are so many different kinds of divination its kind of ridiculous; card draws, oracle spreads, coin tosses, pendulum swings, dowsing rods, teas leaf intuition, scrying, stick drops, palm analysis, smoke staring, sack pull, dream interpretation and ouija boards barely even scratch the surface of what's out there. I know i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and i haven't even touched on specifics of a single one! Tough out there for an oracle...

so here's this general to organise some thoughts on around and between them.

recently I've been playing around with opening a book to a random page and seeing where that takes me. have been pleasantly surprised and honestly a little freaked out at how often connections seem to pop up without even thinking about number (;>.>). Definitely seems to work better if i'm already following a line of thought, or have established that im on a roll. kinda weird how u can just feel the vibe being there, which tends to diminish if you ask a little too much or too often. absolute best result that set me off on this whole thing: i read an appendix in the back of a text then jest let it fall open towards the front and BAM immense mind blowing coincidence arrival. all of which leads me to think that this method is either incredibly effective, my library is oddly aligned in subject matter, or books themselves have an unobserved densely connected associations with one another. whose to say? one thing is certain though, and its that im going to be using this way more often. it's like free hits of syncronicity i swear!!

open page 87 - white lines
In robust defense of his techniques, Freud argued that "the path back to the genuine thing is not easily traced". The allusions made in a dream "are connected with the genuine thing by the strangest, most unusual associations. In all these cases it is a question, however, of things which are meant to be hidden, which are condemned to concealment', and because of this "we must not expect that a thing which has been hidden will be found in its own place, in its proper position." By definition, analysis cannot confine itself to the obvious.
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