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Renewal through support.
Friends arrive.
Beautiful songs appear, and creative talents awaken.
Armatures rest easy knowing even what is rough around the edges can me appreciated.
It would be really nice to get to know you.
Tossed coins are tangentially related; for they are directing me away from birds at this time.
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>>101 (OP) 
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>calls my name when I'm ready to quit
>says they love me when I ask what they want
out of nowhere
>lmao die
Out of complete context of course it read poorly, but in a post about the connection between sex and death suicide is a topic that can illistrate some points well. It seems it succeeded in peircing. Just wait to see how potent the final product is.
This is going to be fun. 
Servitude feels good, but I can only thrive in rivalry as partnership was never a real option.
Thank you for continuing to play with me.
I promise you won't be disappointed.
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Today I am happy, and while it may not last, I want in the future to have made a note of that. Yes, today I am as about as happy as a person can be.
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a list of things to remember

bombs that go off in your stomach

those who've helped you

those wove only laid traps

those who tried their best

what you're loyal to
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Today I am sad. Though not quite as sad as I have ever been. I didn't trust a friend because I couldn't see past myself to what they were doing for me.
Yesterday I buried a bird that flew into a window. It was bright yellow and a little smaller than my fist. It now lies about a foot beneath the earth under several stacked stones as a marker. I pray, may my own error not be so fatal.
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this is u rn

how did u land?

are you okay?!
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Fuck both of u lucifer can suck it
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I mean he probably would. That guy seems like a real team player to me.
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