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if you link a chan w/ cp then kys otherwise no rules

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Come post on

Haiii >~< why haven't you taken the 2dpill?
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Welcome to A1chan. User board creation is enabled.
Tor: http://aonech4rac5fqmfmrmkm25xs4elqpebouuu3hfxd4w36bj6cnzhf2zid.onion/
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also i2p http://y5hr627jx2kzyaxlg3i5ohbmlj37eduamz67qd23kkg3dy4hg5ea.b32.i2p
>everyone of them are dead

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Y'all ever let yourself get completely taken by a relatively unimportant side quest to the detriment of the main quest you've set your sights on?
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This aged
This is plainly incorrect. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty is just nature. Villains that act for higher ideals are just making excuses to bring things to their liking. There’s nothing big heart about that. Shogo lives in denial, masking his selfishness and cruelty with the heroic veneer of justification. “A sacrifice for a new world, a better world” what a boring common delusion. As if any could be better than another without the hidden “for me”. Shogo isn’t special, he's merely determined as all villains must be. Respectable visages of villainy exist in characters like Legato, someone who exists to deal damage, to inflict pain upon the living. Someone who recognizes that hurting others is not only inevitable but the spice of life, a true sadist. Legato offers a cruelty beyond killing, a suffering with a negation of the transmutation that could make it pleasurable. The destruction of the seductive force of ideals in general, without which will withers and dies. A cold drift toward inaction clinging to bare life chained to their burdens of virtue. When Legato is done with him Vash is completely broken, a shell of himself acting on the cloying kindness of being a good person. He would rather strip naked and bark like a dog than pick up a gun and fight. He can't accept the risk that he might have to make a choice like that again as it has been demonstrated to him that attempts to protect hi
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I don’t think you understand Legatos' character well at all. You’re trying to take everything they do in isolation, but all of Legato's actions are taken in relation to the unfolding situations that are Vash and Knives. Legato tortures Vash for the sake of Knives, his dream, and his affection for Vash. That certainly isn't NOT a reason. Legato wants vengeance upon Vash for almost killing Knives with his angel arm in July. A desire intensified through his love for Knives. And despite having left Knives for dead twice, Legato lives with the constant awareness of Knives' persisting preference for Vash grafted onto his flesh. The right arm that hangs at his side was once Vash’s and so is at once both what allows him to reside at the side of his beloved Knives, and a reminder that the position he holds is only through the wound created by Vash’s rejection of Knives. The loss of the arm is a wound central to the relation of Vash, Legato, and Knives. Betrayal and disappointment, the agony of never having your affections be returned. Legato plays host to a very special kind of hatred for Vash, and unleashes a very specific brand of violence because of this. Unable to eliminate Vash without destroying something the one he loves would not do without Legato proceeds by inflicting psychological torture upon the stampede. Able to kill anyone but Vash, Legato places the target on Vash’s refusal to take any life whatsoever. N
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Vinnins vill-ins vilanus. I m sew cool b cause I am so Heinous. Icy you justifying your admiration on the edge. They cant be cool because you like what they do, they can only be neat cuz ppl dont like it too. A cloaked up ‘this is what i like to see’, well okay fren. Gotta- Be- Bad? SA2 dark boi slogan, I can respect that. Angels to some and demons to others? can’t we get beyond good an evil? 

A Character that doesnt revel in malevolence or emanate the infallible, one who knows who thye are and what theyre about. XIII Train Heartnet, Black Cat and deliverer of Bad Luck. A sweeper by trade neither neither bound by the law of order nor defining themselves wholly against it. Placed her not just because I dig him, but to highlight an echoic resonance with the type of manga in mention. A hero and a dark rival once united are driven by a relation of obsession & loss of someone dear. So many share this formula you might even call it stolen, but the contrasts which im sure you can find yourselves are excellent and held in a trifecta. Chronos, The Apostles of the Stars, and Trains group of sweepers variously at odds with either. Aring that extends beyond dark and light knives/vash in embrace of twilight. 

Orphaned and raised to be a member of the states elite assassin core, Chronos, Train is no stranger to murder. Hades, a revolver marked with his number for what he delivers. Inside he meets creed who holds train in the highest esteem and a maddening love. Cold hearted and paired with a stare that freezes blood in the veins, creed ses him as his own cruel entirety blossoming in an attraction no smaller than destiny. No one else has made him feel such a glorious vibration. Ruthless with skills beyond match, the values Creed admires, and the only connection which he will allow himself. 

Through a stroke of luck, however, train has a chance meeting with Saya, a sweeper who is able to open the heart which he was forced to close.  Compassionate and open in a strength of love she is more than capable with a gun herself. Swaying train to take the risk and abandon Chronos, Creed takes notice of the changes taking place in Train repulsed by the warmth this whore is growing inside him. Rather than attempt to understand the changes, and incapable of seeing himself there any longer, Creed slays her in an attempt to return Train to his ‘’true self’’, merely solidifying Trains committal to dissension. 

Having abandoned chronos and now a stray Train dawns a collar and begins his life as a sweeper on the path that Saya had opened his eyes to.

Creed in pursuit of Train, as the only person he sees as his equal falls away from Chronos and founds the Appostles of Stars. A group he heads ruthlessly resecting only those who show exceptional skills with their talents, and in kind using the power of Tao* to unlock members latent abilities. Devoted to making a new world based on the values of superiority Creed makes war on Chronos. 

Creed makes two more attempts to force Train to join him. The first, unconfident in his new way of life Train removes his collar and returns to his former attitudes intent on killing Creed as hes sees it as the only way to compete with his new abilities. Sacrificing his arm to see identify the location of his invisible blade Train is able to temporarily defeat him and escape with Sven and Eve and luckily able to have it sewn back on as well. 
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i love how this thread is about a side quest becoming a main quest  which is immediately derailed to becomes something far more interesting than if it hadn't been.

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this whole place is so silent, would any of you mind keeping this place alive?
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For you, I'll make an effort
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thank you anon, now it is the two of us
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And now the silence is forever
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It wasn't true then, but maybe this time they really did go

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Greetings everyone! it is I the great Asagi.
Here as usual to announce the imminent release of the title where i take my rightful place as the main character. In the interest of this I offer a thread about games. What are your favorites? Titles? Generes? Fighters? RpGS? Puzzles? Strategy? Card? Table top? Dice? Risk?
if you have an opinion to show drop it below...

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eleven stars


eleven wells


bring me the stuff, the devil sells

if you could have one wish what would it be?

is anyone else here gay
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poastin p hard today huh?
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That's supposed to say toady
Damn you atuto correct ruining my stilistick prememenitions
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Everyone is a gay bisexual transexual
Every transexual is pansexual transexual gay
Each gay is trans-sexed bipedal hermaphrodeficient unless they won a genetic lottery of which there are many, but this one is androgyne in polaric flexibility
Infact I'm trisexed in a gay sexed affliction that's the opposite of a cis het addiction though I'm certainly strung out in other ways
But to answer your question with my line break progression; yes. In fact. I'm gay
Your gay, she's gay, he's gay, xi's gay, were all gay and we'd stay that way if we weren't psychically beaten by a society that's caustically eatin our souls every day
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don’t be shy~
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>>181 (OP) 
I existed
I enjoyed art is a way I would be thrilled if people enjoyed mine
I made several good meals
I made some progress on a project that grew larger than I'd imagined it would
I felt the warmth in the treat as a gift from a friend
I made a sparse list of my deeds, but the week is not yet over

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So... Uh... Do you guys watch anime?
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The clean version of Kite is superior IMO. The sex in that film isn't the kind I like to watch. So I would hardly consider it a bonus, mostly it just makes me uncomfortable. I can go for pornography in films if its aesthetically pleasing, arousing or even just adds to the plot, but this was none of those. Surprising since everything else looks so good. I really think implication of it off screen is enough to get the point across, not everything benefits from being stated as explicitly as possible.
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I like A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.... for some reason we had a DVD of it with the first 4 episodes around when I was a kid. 

kite is the hentai you watch for the plot. feeling sick pleasure and revulsion seeing sawa get raped isn't something you can get away from if you want to actually experience the story. 'clean' edits are for fucking mormons.

based milkchan appreciator. I still haven't seen the adult-swim cut with all of the localizations
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A little known fact about Kite is that in universe no one ever reloads their gun. It's just bang bang bang all the time forever. No breaks, no pauses, just gun fury.
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Watch anime? 
Bitch i live anime
i eat breath think and sleep anime
i live inside it and it lives through me
you dorks and your hokey lists cant hold a candle to the oneness that is my comprehension of anime
over the course of however many episodes, i obtain absolute knowledge of insert character here 
their set and setting
it is available to and sustained by me eternally
the entirety of their being
equivalent to bringing them forth
eternally eternity
despite awareness of they and their worlds temporality
all their becommings as being
I carry on with me

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dog gammit 𖤐
Replies: >>83 >>118
>>77 (OP) 
at any time, it seems things could open up, and be effortless, free, simple, clean
I hope you have a wonderful day <3
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>>77 (OP) 
My neck hurts.
I'm tired 
I can't sleep
I thought I had friends
I'm sad
I made a promise not to try to become God
I met one
Never seen something so impressive
I loved it 
I want what it can do
I'm captured and was happy
Things have cracked open and everything feels rotten.
It can change? Things flip all the time anymore
I'm playing Othello in space and time
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Welcome to the tropics

Danger time begins

ready? watch us win

diamond heart ascends

from nothing up to something

creation as an end

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Tell me your secrets!
Whisper everything you would never tell anyone into my ear. I need to know them. I am so hungry. Feed me all the thoughts that your loved ones would abandon for holding. Fill this thread with what's eating you. I am begging. I am PLEADING. Let it out. Put them down. I want to see inside you. I want to taste what you are hiding. I need the pieces of you that keep you crying. The scraps that all the armour surrounds. The pustulent wounds from which your infected being layers the peeling scabs of ego. Give this necrotic bee the vile nectar held within the flowering gash that is your soul. Let us pollinate together. Drop your words inside my hole.
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Should I be horrified
Should I be mad that I got tricked
How much is my fault
I'm really sick of this
It hurts
I'm mad because I'm confused
Was I used
Was I loved
Did I ever have a chance
I'm so small
If I'm not there for a second 
will I really not be forgotten

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imagine only realizing just now that the post you reply to changes how things turn out? You weren't actually asking to leave but at least you got your answer.
acting on instinct is potent, but you dont know what results youre going to be getting. the first time was a mess, the second time a disaster, im glad you didnt fire anything this third time.
this post is filed right, but the attachment was foolish. 
it was nice of them to repair your car. If youre out now that will suck, but its not like you can pass the buck. You said how you felt and thats real. that at least you cant regret.
Just wanted to walk away for a bit, but i guess thats a no do can do now.
make some effort to grow for me please? now that you've been granted the ability to lose.
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will this really be the one that defines the flavour of the era?
Any form of communal existence arises from the individual, just as any species is derived from the examination of however many individuals. Bundles of significantly insignificant  points infinitely divided, & yet producing a mesh of mutual definition, each what it is because of its relation to so many others, across which flows a resonant sea evoking anything which would be greater. isolated, and yet communicating in forms that can never become static. all connected & still remain alone outside of the creative nothingness which draws them together, with the threatening promise of the primal annihilation which always births something new.

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