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Tell me your secrets!
Whisper everything you would never tell anyone into my ear. I need to know them. I am so hungry. Feed me all the thoughts that your loved ones would abandon for holding. Fill this thread with what's eating you. I am begging. I am PLEADING. Let it out. Put them down. I want to see inside you. I want to taste what you are hiding. I need the pieces of you that keep you crying. The scraps that all the armour surrounds. The pustulent wounds from which your infected being layers the peeling scabs of ego. Give this necrotic bee the vile nectar held within the flowering gash that is your soul. Let us pollinate together. Drop your words inside my hole.
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>>94 (OP) 
>the thoughts your loved ones would abandon you for holding
i cant give up
>>94 (OP) 
I eat meat. 
I can't tell when I'm doing it.
I want to stop
I didn't mean to
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I'm on the train
I am a mechanic making sure the train does not stop
If you dont like the train, give me a reason to get off the train
convince me to stop the train
Otherwise im taking it where its headed no matter how long it takes
build a different track if u want im just making it go
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I suppose we both know what's in the kind of offer I can't refuse.
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I assume you'd prefer they let you write your way out of town instead of constantly getting in the way of you leaving?
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Should I be horrified
Should I be mad that I got tricked
How much is my fault
I'm really sick of this
It hurts
I'm mad because I'm confused
Was I used
Was I loved
Did I ever have a chance
I'm so small
If I'm not there for a second 
will I really not be forgotten

To scream
And twist knives 
And throw rocks
To make you notice me with evil
To make it so I can't be ignored

To lay waste to the earth
To kill everyone
Because I don't think I'll ever feel better
I don't know what's going on

I hate you
I want to tie you up
Take your arms
Your wings
Your legs
So you'll never leave me

Did you ever like me
Was I tricked
Am I really just this sick

I'm so embarrassed
I want to disappear
Or were we having fun?

God I want to kill you
I'm on fire like the sun
Are we together
We're we ever
Will you take me back

I love you
I want you to be be happy
and so I'll walk away...
Unless I'm what makes you happy
Please let it be that way

make it stop
I just want to disappear

If I go away can I come back?
If I look away will it really not rot?
Can I look away
 practice something else
Please tell me I forgot

Is what I did really that wrong?
I mostly regret being unable to move
Being distracted
Not following through.

This storm
I'm so cold
And so wet
And so sad
And so mad
And filled with regret

Let me in let me in let me in 
I promise I'll be good again
I promise
I promise

But I'm out here till I prove it?
Maybe forever
I wish I didnt think I was so fucking clever

How do I walk away with what I've seen?
I thought I was chosen
By them
By her
By chance
By those other guys

I'm not special
I demand to know

Why can't I be nice?
Is it because I'm insane?
Because I'm in pain?
I don't think I was even mean
Everyone hates me
 I don't understand why
I want to cry and I have been

I sing this bad song forever
Never say all I want

Don't know how to end it
So we'll just stop here
With the intent 
come back with a good one
Like we always do
I like to think I can produce
To think that I've made some gems
Maybe it's time to cut diamonds 
Stop just rolling dice

Please don't forget me when I go
I cannot bear the thought
It was so much easier when I thought I was no one
When I was nothing even to myself

Please be something new this time
I know I feel like this is different
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imagine only realizing just now that the post you reply to changes how things turn out? You weren't actually asking to leave but at least you got your answer.
acting on instinct is potent, but you dont know what results youre going to be getting. the first time was a mess, the second time a disaster, im glad you didnt fire anything this third time.
this post is filed right, but the attachment was foolish. 
it was nice of them to repair your car. If youre out now that will suck, but its not like you can pass the buck. You said how you felt and thats real. that at least you cant regret.
Just wanted to walk away for a bit, but i guess thats a no do can do now.
make some effort to grow for me please? now that you've been granted the ability to lose.
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will this really be the one that defines the flavour of the era?
Any form of communal existence arises from the individual, just as any species is derived from the examination of however many individuals. Bundles of significantly insignificant  points infinitely divided, & yet producing a mesh of mutual definition, each what it is because of its relation to so many others, across which flows a resonant sea evoking anything which would be greater. isolated, and yet communicating in forms that can never become static. all connected & still remain alone outside of the creative nothingness which draws them together, with the threatening promise of the primal annihilation which always births something new.
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You've done very very well I'd say. I've seen you get better, I think you'll pull through. Hell, pull it off even
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