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Y'all ever let yourself get completely taken by a relatively unimportant side quest to the detriment of the main quest you've set your sights on?
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>>40 (OP) 
Aren't side quests there to help you further develop the skills and experience you need to complete the main quest? Hardly seems unimportant to me, especially if its able to "completely take you" like you're claiming.
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>>40 (OP) 
youre both idiots
main quests are illusory 
its just side quests all the way down. always has been
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>>40 (OP) 
nobody has ever witnessed God full-on straight ahead. You can't approach anything meaningfully by going straight, come in an oblique angle into bed. Even Moshe could only see the backside of God, in a covered face, and he sees it late! Side quests are often the main quest, even if it doesn't seem like it fits with the pace. One day people will play the main quest, in a time where it's time, but don't worry about it, you don't have to wait.
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The next time you call me an idiot, will be the last time you call anybody anything.
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>>40 (OP) 
That's the kind of thing that happens to someone who would play a high risk game without knowing the rules. Worse yet someone who constantly forgets their playing, what their position is, and that it's a team sport to begin with, let alone which side their on. You better channel whatever skill you have left, move carefully, and hope your side will forgive you for how low your faith is in your own perception. GL
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i'll call you what i please
you dont scare me

if op's perception is as low as yours they better have invested heavily in something else
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clearly you have high perception and character, nitpicking writing styles and being needlessly rude to anonymous people online. truly the sage of our era!
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Ya, that anon is acting really mean. I also hope they shape up. That kind of energy doesn't help many people very often. Banter can be fun, but not if it goes too far, or you actually mean it.
Thanks for the assist nice poster. The worlds need more like you. <3
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>>40 (OP) 
i find that life is sometimes a lot of little side quests which amount to a main quest over time. Life, the situation of living, happens when I'm doing the dishes, making dinner, reading a book, working at my day job, posting hard online. Happens when I'm sitting bored and alone or going for a walk. so not to put too fine a point on it but it's like >>43 and >>45 say. side quest IS the main quest in the sense that it's all part of the same game you're playing; and what's the purpose of that game?
'side quest that ends up being my main quest' is deadass one of my hinge prompts lol
since when is poor grammar, and incessant misspelling a writing style?
you are far to generous to this imbecile, and you are doing it no kindness by taking pity upon it
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uwuuuu im sooo smartt im sooo superior to ppl bcuz ithink theres such a thing as ibtelligence &that it canbe divined from how a being chooseto order teh unicodecodepoints they put into anonymous imgboard textbox~~~ uwuuu im so edgy im like "ouhhhhh...dont take pity on it....ouhhhh... ima cooooooool anime villain & im betterthan u bcuz im sooOOOO mean and hartless!!!"

mid, cope, etc u little bakabwain!!!
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I'm not sure that's quite right. 
there's a large difference between your purposeful stylization and the way that >>52 seems to just not be checking for errors. for this reason i think find your attempts coming across as intentional and theirs are simply sloppy. If we want them to improve indulging their laziness seems to be the wrong answer. Further I dont think the mean and heartless anime villians are very cool at all. I find the one who are cool need to have a large heart, perhaps one in the wrong place but they need to stand for something. villainy for villans sake is hardly interesting. Shogo Makishima is one of my favorites for that exact reason. Maybe i'm being too generous here, but i do think that >>103 's cruelty is intended to spark improvement or play with >>52. Though I'll admit it is ironic considering that their own post has several deviations from the accepted standard.
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This aged
This is plainly incorrect. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty is just nature. Villains that act for higher ideals are just making excuses to bring things to their liking. There’s nothing big heart about that. Shogo lives in denial, masking his selfishness and cruelty with the heroic veneer of justification. “A sacrifice for a new world, a better world” what a boring common delusion. As if any could be better than another without the hidden “for me”. Shogo isn’t special, he's merely determined as all villains must be. Respectable visages of villainy exist in characters like Legato, someone who exists to deal damage, to inflict pain upon the living. Someone who recognizes that hurting others is not only inevitable but the spice of life, a true sadist. Legato offers a cruelty beyond killing, a suffering with a negation of the transmutation that could make it pleasurable. The destruction of the seductive force of ideals in general, without which will withers and dies. A cold drift toward inaction clinging to bare life chained to their burdens of virtue. When Legato is done with him Vash is completely broken, a shell of himself acting on the cloying kindness of being a good person. He would rather strip naked and bark like a dog than pick up a gun and fight. He can't accept the risk that he might have to make a choice like that again as it has been demonstrated to him that attempts to protect his ideal are ultimately doomed. Legato gives his life for a perfect violation that will never be recovered from, a bricking of the system from which recovery is derived.

""“Luck and persistence wont work forever”""
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I don’t think you understand Legatos' character well at all. You’re trying to take everything they do in isolation, but all of Legato's actions are taken in relation to the unfolding situations that are Vash and Knives. Legato tortures Vash for the sake of Knives, his dream, and his affection for Vash. That certainly isn't NOT a reason. Legato wants vengeance upon Vash for almost killing Knives with his angel arm in July. A desire intensified through his love for Knives. And despite having left Knives for dead twice, Legato lives with the constant awareness of Knives' persisting preference for Vash grafted onto his flesh. The right arm that hangs at his side was once Vash’s and so is at once both what allows him to reside at the side of his beloved Knives, and a reminder that the position he holds is only through the wound created by Vash’s rejection of Knives. The loss of the arm is a wound central to the relation of Vash, Legato, and Knives. Betrayal and disappointment, the agony of never having your affections be returned. Legato plays host to a very special kind of hatred for Vash, and unleashes a very specific brand of violence because of this. Unable to eliminate Vash without destroying something the one he loves would not do without Legato proceeds by inflicting psychological torture upon the stampede. Able to kill anyone but Vash, Legato places the target on Vash’s refusal to take any life whatsoever. Not because it is something so valuable to Vash that he would become a mere shell of himself without it, but because this is the value that separates Vash and Knives to begin with. To remove it from Vash allows for the reunion of the man Legato loves with the brother he desires. In a certain sense then Legato's actions sing out a love for Vash as well as Knives. Reaching in and killing a piece of Vash which keeps him from being with someone they both care for. Gently coaxing him toward pulling the trigger, “it's alright kill me '' and making sure he can't excuse it away by saying he was forced into it “don't make me!” “you have free will, time to choose”. Creating a trap for Vash to act on his value for Milly and Merlys life over Legato’s own is the first step in transforming Vash into someone that can be with Knives in the way Legato wishes he could be. His death becoming the connective force between Knives and Vash, becoming a piece of Vash that will carry him to Knives. Vash’s collapse was an unintended consequence, a result of a failure to fully abort his insistence on upholding Rem’s morality, though decimating him and forcing him to become something different was certainly intentional.
A villain like Legato simply couldn't exist without an idealist like Knives.
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Vinnins vill-ins vilanus. I m sew cool b cause I am so Heinous. Icy you justifying your admiration on the edge. They cant be cool because you like what they do, they can only be neat cuz ppl dont like it too. A cloaked up ‘this is what i like to see’, well okay fren. Gotta- Be- Bad? SA2 dark boi slogan, I can respect that. Angels to some and demons to others? can’t we get beyond good an evil? 

A Character that doesnt revel in malevolence or emanate the infallible, one who knows who thye are and what theyre about. XIII Train Heartnet, Black Cat and deliverer of Bad Luck. A sweeper by trade neither neither bound by the law of order nor defining themselves wholly against it. Placed her not just because I dig him, but to highlight an echoic resonance with the type of manga in mention. A hero and a dark rival once united are driven by a relation of obsession & loss of someone dear. So many share this formula you might even call it stolen, but the contrasts which im sure you can find yourselves are excellent and held in a trifecta. Chronos, The Apostles of the Stars, and Trains group of sweepers variously at odds with either. Aring that extends beyond dark and light knives/vash in embrace of twilight. 

Orphaned and raised to be a member of the states elite assassin core, Chronos, Train is no stranger to murder. Hades, a revolver marked with his number for what he delivers. Inside he meets creed who holds train in the highest esteem and a maddening love. Cold hearted and paired with a stare that freezes blood in the veins, creed ses him as his own cruel entirety blossoming in an attraction no smaller than destiny. No one else has made him feel such a glorious vibration. Ruthless with skills beyond match, the values Creed admires, and the only connection which he will allow himself. 

Through a stroke of luck, however, train has a chance meeting with Saya, a sweeper who is able to open the heart which he was forced to close.  Compassionate and open in a strength of love she is more than capable with a gun herself. Swaying train to take the risk and abandon Chronos, Creed takes notice of the changes taking place in Train repulsed by the warmth this whore is growing inside him. Rather than attempt to understand the changes, and incapable of seeing himself there any longer, Creed slays her in an attempt to return Train to his ‘’true self’’, merely solidifying Trains committal to dissension. 

Having abandoned chronos and now a stray Train dawns a collar and begins his life as a sweeper on the path that Saya had opened his eyes to.

Creed in pursuit of Train, as the only person he sees as his equal falls away from Chronos and founds the Appostles of Stars. A group he heads ruthlessly resecting only those who show exceptional skills with their talents, and in kind using the power of Tao* to unlock members latent abilities. Devoted to making a new world based on the values of superiority Creed makes war on Chronos. 

Creed makes two more attempts to force Train to join him. The first, unconfident in his new way of life Train removes his collar and returns to his former attitudes intent on killing Creed as hes sees it as the only way to compete with his new abilities. Sacrificing his arm to see identify the location of his invisible blade Train is able to temporarily defeat him and escape with Sven and Eve and luckily able to have it sewn back on as well. 

In the Second case Train remains true to what Saya had opened his heart to. Utilizing his newfound ability to create a rail gun after a forced age regression from an infection and successful integration of Eve’s nanomachines Train is able to Shatter Creed’s Imagine Blade (contrary to Creeds promptings that Train must either join him or kill him with a head shot to counter his new regenerative abilities) leaving Creed mind broken indefinitely. Confined to a chair and cared for by Ekidna, a founding member of the Stars who had followed him through it all and whose love he had rejected.
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i love how this thread is about a side quest becoming a main quest  which is immediately derailed to becomes something far more interesting than if it hadn't been.
Jesus! What the fuck is wrong with black cat? that's the kind of bad time that made Griffith go eclipse.
Replies: >>206 >>214
 I think that's why in the anime they changed what happened to him. Creed ends up recovering and joining forces with Train to fight the Cronos numbers. Which, I think, on some level makes more sense. If it wasn't for the attempt to create a group of superior people that would rule over everyone else, Creed's opposition to Cronos' stagnant control would be commendable. but as it stands, in the manga, he ends up having to be just "like everybody else". So, I think we wan assume that the shock must eventually wear off, even if he has trouble with it at the beginning. I'm not sure its quite as bad as you're indicating. Echidna is certainly still there for him at the very least. its also clear that Train feels the numbers shouldn't be in control and that his interest lies in disruption, not maintaining some new superior ordering. That's present in his character and his insistence in being privately contracted for jobs he's okay with, the whole idea of sweepers. besides, that's hardly the most change in the anime, which is much more quirky and changes up the majority of how everyone meets. Sven for example is hardly a serious character at all in the anime, where as in the manga, he's easily the most serious except when train is returning to his previous habits to stop Creed.
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Taoists and pretty males are so often made out to be the worst of the worst in anime. Off the top of my head I can think of Jun from Shaman king renanimating that movie star kung fu fighter to attack Yoh, and the Taoist's make up a massive faction in Outlaw Star. I know Taoism has some origin to Zen, so maybe theres some motive to demonize it for that reason? In Blakc Cat at the very least they're the victims of a war with the Cronos Numbers that ended twenty-five years prior to that plot line. There's the motivation then for Shiki to empower Creed and the Apostles of the Stars with Tao to face them. Fire, seals, explosions, chi manifested insects etc.

The motivations for villainizing feminine males is a lot more cut and dry for me though. I often think of anime as a medium where gender has been played with a bit more freely, and there's certainly an increasing amount where this is the case, but more often than not if their femininity doesnt classify them as outright evil its often seen as a joke. Honjo Kamatari, a scythe wielder from Roni Kenshin, is a perfect example. Evil and noted to be more beautiful than several cis women in the series, the attention they get shifts quickly to a gag of disturbance and disgust when those who expressed an interest in her discover she's male. The Deamoness Yuskie gropes easly in Yu Yu hakasho to make sure she has a penis before beating her also illustrates this point. Felix from Fate and Tetora from Log Horizon also echo this. I slayers there's an entire village of shrine maidens that bans entrance to males, forcing characters to cross dress for entry with heavy embarrassment. The gag being all the shrine maidens happened to be male and were hiding it from eachother to avaid being exhiled. Hime Goto is a miniseries devoted to this gag, though the treatment might not be that different than a standard ecchi. The shame though, implied throughout is indicitive of the second class status given to femininity. So theres a strong motivation to code characters like that as particularly evil to emphasi3se and maintain those ranks. if stepping down isnt something to be belittled it dissolves your own superiority. in this case exclusion from consideration of ones self as object of erotism.
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