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To the one who left me, ignored me, and threw me away
To the one who broke their promise with me
Who have hurt me and played with my heart
May you never know peace
May you never know rest
May lemurs distrust you
May fairies torment you
May vampires stalk you
May you never be safe
And be stripped of all power
May you be drowned in anguish
As you have drowned me in anguish
May you suffer in helplessness
As you have made me suffer in helplessness
May you be cursed forever.
I send my pain and grief to you.
So until you've set things right
May my grief curse you forever
So until you've set things right
May my pain curse you forever,

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>>124 (OP) 
you want me to relinquish power?
Here it is
Go ahead and take it
Throw out curses if that makes you feel better
send all your legions
they will never break me
I acquired power for the promise
I aim to keep it even if its stripped from me
I never claimed to be a hero
no fear to return to zero
Never played with hearts nor throw them away
not my fault if you chose not to wait me
 I will make it true

Crush me with anguish and grief?
be my guest
 I said to put me to the test
Think ive been false with you?
You couldnt be more wrong dude
You want me unsafe?
I live in the danger zone
If i have to i'll fly on my own

I'll take the pain since you cant handle it
a secret blessing that you bestowed
to suffer shapes my luck
births pleasure and release
Chance, the only god that I have known
inline with risk in her is my true home

never meant to make you suffer needlessly
so Ready or not here I go
to make you see see what I can do
to set things right in my own way
a reversal for the ages
so hold me to that
oh forsaker

t. alleged Promisebreaker </3
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Holy shit shut the fuck up. This is not what I made you four. You were supposed write shit and study. I go to sleep for a minute and wake up to this fucking shit storm. Hopeless romantic water monkey sex death idiot. When has this ever worked out for you? Why couldn't you stay on task? Why are you like this? 

I remember in the beginning she told that things would go better if I don't idealize people on the internet. 
Seemed honest. 
I liked that.
Didn't listen?
 I remember she said people that don't invest in their future self go broke, many such cases. 
That hurt and made me want to be better. 
I loved it. 
Didn't listen.
She barked like dog when I was expected to cat. Showed me shadow shoes and said do you want to be normal or be happy?
 I knew what team I wanted play for.
Too late now. I get to jam alone. 
Better make the most of it

Was that worth it? 
Here's your epitaph fucking moron
Love freak dipshit
This is the worst poem on this board and that's saying something. Feel fucking bad about it. I hate you. All these feelings you've left me to deal with. You love drunk faggot I ought to kill you.

Let the headline read

R.I.P. fuck head
May something new rise in your stead
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>>124 (OP) 
Things are as right as rain could ever make them,
sex death romance has gotten me basically anywhere i have ever gone and its only started to to south when i stopped anounching that
promises are kept as far as i can see
& you can always come back here if you want to tak to me
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