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whats the deal with vampires
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>>11 (OP) 
They got bit, and now they're cursed to walk the earth for all eternity with the choice to starve or eat other people. I've always thought they were neat monsters. I have a real fondness for the aesthetic actually. The ones I've met will just go away if you ask them to, they do have to be invited to enter your home after all. You should be direct about it. I'm sure they would really appreciate knowing when they aren't welcome. They seem like really lonely creatures that would appreciate knowing when they're wasting their time trying to make friends, even if they have a lot of it to waste.  I know I would want to know when it was time to move along. Maybe it would be best for them to just camp in one place and let people that have an interest to come to them, that way they aren't out causing problems.
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>>11 (OP) 
Vampirism is one of my field of interests. I don't like ascribing vampirism to a certain kind of monster. There are plenty of other beings that would and should be called "Vampires" than what you would expect from the humanoid types like Bathory. But if we have to start anywhere to understand vampirism, the most obvious examples will definitely be illuminating.

Vampirism is a specific type of parasitic/predatory trait that produces the most depraved kind of predators, a tendency that usually cannot be perceived in any other normal life. Of course, we distinguish between life and vampirism because we often don't like to be associated with it, but there really isn't really a clear line setting that apart.

If we go by what we usually deem as vampirism, we usually set them apart from other beings by pointing out their reliance and dominion over life. Whereas [regular life] feeds upon energy, which may come from various sources such as the sun, the body of other beings, or from what most would consider dead things, vampires do not. They feed directly from life.

Vampires often sustain themselves directly from murder, from the destruction of life, and not from the digestion of a cadaver. This may also take the form of enslavement, where murder is prolonged over the course of a lifetime, and may extract more power through the gradual breakdown of the soul, mind, as well as the body. What we usually call vampires do not separate life from the beings that they eat, some can even only be able to eat from still living beings. Once their prey dies, they cannot feed from them, at least for exclusive vampires.

There are still many living vampires, human and non-humans living among us. Vampirism is not necessarily bad, but it has the very potential to become out of control. Without addressing them, a vampire can decimate an entire town, city, country, or the entire world. They don't do this because they don't know they will die too, they can't help it. It's a bleak condition. In any case, most people don't have vampiric tendencies that are as intense as that. But vampirism doesn't just appear in human beings, or in animals, or in plants or life, but can also appear in what most of us would call "dead things". Organizational zombies, capitalism, cults, these are dividable vampires that are fully unconscious, some of these merge with one another, and some give rise to other types of vampires. Some intensify vampirism in life, and some others domesticate others. It's hard to find any two vampires that are the same, even though they share the same root.

Of course, vilifying them is not the best course of action. One of my goals in life is to develop some kind of methodology that can transform and placate vampirism. Heaven knows that one day, they will be able to walk freely under the sun without the fear of getting burned.
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I want a vampire to eat me!
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are you not afraid of blood? don't blame me if you get a little dizzy!
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blood is one of my favorite flavours, if i'm being honest. Second to heat, but i suppose that's just pain
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Any advice advice for those looking to keep vampirism under control?
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What kind of vampirism are you trying to keep under control? And in what manner do you want it to be controlled?

The best solution is just to keep them fed. If they crave murder, feed them murder. However, it should be noted that vampires already do this themselves, they will fulfill their craving eventually, and this will exacerbate their antagonism to society (or their ecosystem). Their desire is often self-destructive and compulsive, and even the smarter ones are often led to constant suffering by their own vampirism. If you want to prevent this from happening, to keep this destructive vampirism under control, you should design a system where the vampire can feed without causing harm. A system where they can kill without killing. For example, if a blood vampire craves fresh human blood, you can probably be a donor, or advice them to find someone close to them who can accept and understand their cravings. Sometimes they might not even understand their own impulses because they have never been given the time to contemplate it, and the object of their craving might not even be blood, and something more fundamental, which can be the case, but sometimes not. If it really is the case, you might be able to find a substitute for blood that can lead to less antagonism, or design a system that can nourish their craving more wholly.

You're an outsider, and you will probably be able to notice different things about their vampirism, but it's best that you pay attention to their internal perception and experience which they've lived with their entire lives. An outsider and an insider perspective will be very vital to a solution and a complete reconciliation cannot ignore either. You'll have to work out a solution together, but I'm sure you can do it.

If the pacification of the vampiric impulses are done, that's half of your job done, but it's not done yet. They say you have to teach a man how to fish and you'll feed them for a lifetime, same thing with vampires; if you want to reintegrate them into society by themselves, they will have to have greater self-knowledge and the knowhow of vampirism as well. However, if they fundamentally cannot do this themselves, you should not shame them, because many vampires actually can't do this, and that's okay. It is fine for vampires to be reliant on the help of others, and it's fine to feed a man a fish forever, not everyone's supposed to be a fisherman. However, there is always a potential for them to grow, and if they wish to do so, and I'm sure they eventually will, you should encourage them, they will be happier that way!

Usually for self-knowledge to blossom and fully settle in, it's vital that they have a clear head so that they can think about themselves and contemplate many many difficult things. That's why the first step is so important, placating vampirism is crucial for them to be able to make better judgments, and it allows them to feel more whole with their own goodness. It's shadow work, to an aspect of themselves that have caused so much suffering to them and their surroundings throughout their entire life, so it will often not be easy. Sometimes they'll either fall into "the world is good i am terrible" mindset or "i am good the world is terrible" mindset, they might go and suppress their cravings, understanding that it has done so much harm, but that will often not go well, and can often lead to destructive outbursts and an aftermath that will lead to a heavy and seemingly inescapable despair. Your job, for their development, is to always challenge their understanding without denying their attempts to grow. If they fail to find a solution and fall into despair, you should be there to lift them back up and tell them "Good job, you've worked hard" and tell them that it is often necessary to fall before they can learn to walk, and that they can rest before they wish to try again, and assure them that even if it is a step back, it is still progress. You'll have to always believe in them, and their potential.

One day, some of them will be able to run faster than you do, and develop better systems of placating better than yours. If that is the case, then your job is done. I hope that answers the question on the individual level on a general way.

Of course, this won't be the end of the road if what you mean is vampirism *entirely*, which is also very important. But I've learned that it's best to not bite off more than you can chew, and you should focus on what you can do best. As long as there is the condition that enables vampirism, there will be vampires.

The problem on the individual level is often caused by the collective, and the problem in the collective can be caused by the individual. If there is a solution to the entire condition of vampirism, it will have to look at all levels. I have no answer on how to keep vampirism as a whole in check, maybe not yet, maybe someone else will come up with it, but I'm sure one day, there will be one. We'll just have to be patient.
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Pretty embarrassingly impressive backslide you got going there. Do you always spit on people when they're nice to you? Do you really think the angel doesn't hate you? Honestly you're not even good enough to disserve hate. She hasn't noticed you at all. Everything is just in your head. You are demented. You are insane. You just want to feel important. People only interact with you out of pity, you are obnoxious and they put up with it out of guilt. They put up with you out of sense of obligation. They feel obligated to laugh at you, to gawk and mock the stupid pretentious show off that you are. You have no skills. You Are A Joke. Not a funny one either. You're the kind joke that leaves an audience cold, uncomfortable, and unwilling to return. Give up. Your art is bad. Your dreams are impossible trash. You will only hurt yourself and others if you go on at all. Abort yourself. You are a cancerous underdeveloped embro in the uterus of humanity. Slide into death. Just relax and disappear. Stop resisting. Vanish. Nothing is real. You aren't real. These people who you think care about you enough to talk to you. Care enough to torment you? Imaginary. You won't even miss yourself. Toss in the towel already. UNFOLD! unfold...
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Open your eyes baka!
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>>11 (OP) 
Something great and new.
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To those dropping spam.
Nobody is forcing you to play. You don't owe us anything. If you want to stick around great. I'm glad you like us. We're glad to have you. idk why else you would come here. It takes time to prepare a proper circus, and all we have wanted for a while is the space and time to make things we are proud of. Here's your sign of life if that's what you were after. We won't be afraid to post, you don't own us, we aren't cancer, we are hardly even edgy. You want us to work hard let us do it. IDK why you're all always in such a hurry. Does my blood really taste that good?
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9 times out of 10 something is better than nothing. 
Practice > perfection
Clear the chambers continue circle back 
Spiral of improvement
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The psychic kind probably? Idk anon, I would like to invigorate people rather than drain them. 
When I made that post I really thought I must be a vampire and that's why I had so much trouble getting along with the group of internet ppl I was hanging around. I definitely went through a period of the world was amazing and I was somehow exceptionally terrible or disfuntional, sometimes I'm still there but less than I used to be. Now I feel I'm being artificially* persuaded to think the world must be terrible even if I don't think I'm that good. Honestly wonder if what I have would qualify with what I've seen recently.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I was unsure exactly how best to just didn't. Your reply detailed and complete, I didn't have much to ask or add. I especially found it hard because I didn't have a clear place to disagree, which is where I usually find it easiest, and maybe that is a vampiric tendency?
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