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looks like this year it will really start picking up.
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very cool normal weather pattern. anyway how's everyone doing acquiring land in northern canada? haha
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we live in the tropics and bit too poor to move to to a rich country, but i think that's alright. i think it'll still be a few decades before fertilizer hits the fans, i'm less afraid of the climate and more afraid of the political upheavals that this will bring, but i think thatll be alright too.

history will remember this century as the century when humanity had no choice but to do nothing, it would be amazing to watch it unfold
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>century where humanity does nothing
>amazing to watch it unfold
i'm not sure i understand how that follows
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it doesn't have to follow. just my sentiment.
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Not trying to say you're under an obligation to make it follow. Was just curious why, or what about the situation, you thought it would be amazing. Sorry if I offended.
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it is alright no offense taken, ^^
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oh wait you mean why it is amazing? well, i don't really have a choice but to be in amazement because seeing it first-hand would be amazing. its just like with anything big and grand, it would be something to witness! what path the world will take, what road that heaven had carved, inevitably everything here will change, and many new undercurrents will bloom and emerge, as one era moved into the other in catastrophe, everything crumbled and it undermined the faith of the people and instilled paranoia across the world! though it was not always apparently good, all shall be well.

this paranoia coming from the gradual culmination of multiple crises had polarized into two very distinct poliitical currents. you can even see them starting today, and the last century. the first was the more reactionary types, a return to some kind of idealized past, as if their failed ideas haven't already proved themselves failed enough, these people doubled-down. the first era of the crises was filled with these reactionaries. governments, militias, juntas made from the idealized version of authoritarianisms made a big come back, with the aesthetics of soviets, nazisms, and other various forms of immense jingoisms, as well as religious fundamentalisms, moralistic absolutisms, a mix of all even. it didn't matter if it was incoherent, as it was their cry for help, this became the first and dominant current. of course, it inevitably failed, and was knocked down multiple times through famine war and plague, until there was no more faith in these false gods. only after the deaths of these long overdue zombies, did their fertile corpses begin to bloom into the second current.

the second current was extremely experimental, even if i knew what these things were, what kind of world they shaped, what kind of words their ideas formed, i know i wouldn't understand them now. i only know that born from it, shaped by it, forged by it, with endless love and unending hate, something unimaginably good was born from it. and that thing revealed the goodness of the world.
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Based and well posted. 
Bring on the loving and terrifying experiments. I look forward to the beauty and renewal they will bring.
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