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What force in this world is more powerful than love?


On its back empires are made and broken. Whole worlds burst into being and abandoned. It can make what others see as trash appear more brilliant than any diamond. and when it vanishes even the most beautiful flowers could not wreak of anything less putrid than shit. yet it can transmute memories of even the worst suffering into tears of nostalgia. A world without love is simply not a world worth having; as a single love can consume a whole world. A limitless expanse of passion. It drives us toward what meaning there is to be had as defines it. To be in love is to be in pain - a tearing and searing torment which can only know two ends - but to have no love is in no way to be without it. to have everything you could dream of but be separated from love could not provide a more empty existence. And so what hurdles would not be crossed to find it? what things would not be given up? What lines not crossed? For the agony worth bearing. The event that would never fail to be worth being around for. an ache one could not be more fond of. Intoxicated by hope for the  moments you might share their presence. To pour thorough them for a time knowing that whatever happens it will always be worth it simply for the chance to repeat this.


one day may each know this happiness like. the throb of pleasure that makes all journeys worthwhile; all exiles endurable! may each be brought to this sense, and this sense through them. shall it be brought forever outward as an endless, and all-consuming force, sparing nothing and no one. Through all decay may its return remain eternal until all else has ceased to flow.
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