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Have you ever written a time-capsule for yourself? In a year, in a decade, I wonder what I had to say to myself ten years ago. Certainly, I would have been naive, I would be naive again to myself in ten years. Naivety is a symptom of our condition, isn't it? Or perhaps it is the gift of our predicament. We forget all important lessons in every generation, but we also forget every wound and tragedy inflicted upon us.

I know many things now, I know many things today. But I know so many thing, things I didn't know yesterday, things I couldn't have known with a simple google look up or a gaze. I must be naive to the me who lives in the future. Or maybe I might have not changed at all! Though I doubt that would be the case. I hope that you are proud of me and my work. I hope that when you look back at me, you will say "Thank you for everything." I hope you will be happy. I hope you will not see bad things. I hope you will be okay. I wish you the best. Because we all deserve the best. Because you deserve the best.

I feel cold.

I would
I think I'll tell myself in the future,
that it is difficult now, things are difficult now. and there are many problems now, but it will be okay. i am strong after all. if i cant deal with it ill put it far away. i want to tell her that whatever your decision is that you will be in the future, whatever you choose to do, i'll be beside you. i'll support you. because i'm right. i was right. i was so right. i was wrong on so many things. but i was so right on so many things. i have to do it, many hard things to do it. but we'll get there. we'll get there. we're going to find it.

I would tell her, please live your best life. I don't want myself to be a burden to you. Live your best life, and become who you want to be. I love you. And I wish you great happiness. Remember me, and have no regrets. Remember me, and live free... ... .. .
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This is a really beautiful time capsule op. any future self would be lucky to receive it. I know I found it quite encouraging.

I've never written anything to my future self, but I did make a time capsule for myself in grade school. I remember I put a silver painted Lego brick into it thinking it would be worth something in the future which was pretty naive of me. I cant remember anything else about it though, so I may have never opened it and lost track of it entirely. But thinking back on how silly I was that I would place something like that inside of it did make me smile.
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I write a letter to myself when I finish a journal, and I read the previous journal's letter as well, so it's like I'm having a correspondence with myself over time. When I look back over them, it seems I'm so angry, so hurt, so frustrated, but so optimistic. It seems like I come back again and again to this harsh perspective; I wonder why?

In a way, all of my writing, sketchbooks, journals, are time capsules for myself. It's all passion and grappling with indescribable emotions in them, and they radiate with so much heat I have to keep them in a box. I want to feel a sad, crappy nostalgia for myself (as if those times are dead and gone and the world is drained of color and I shall be over-cast for the remainder of my life). Why?

If this message is a time capsule for myself (and it is), I hope you remember how completely baffling this time in your life was. Every day is a complete shock. It seems like I am going nowhere -- months pass and nothing has changed and it's all different. Everything appears hard, solid, insurmountable, and then it's dissolved and something else is there. Usually the new surface is even less tractable than the last :^) even so it is all very exciting. All of these irritations are fresh, new; I've never felt anything like it. Learning what a 'real' problem is can be very thrilling. Hope it isn't all too vague for you, but I don't want to dox myself(you).
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