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Hello everyone!!

At the behest of >>105 I've decided to make a unique thread for these posts to talk about a collection of tales centered around forbidden, lost, passed up, incestuous, violent, spiteful, unrequited, unrecognized, criminal or the otherwise tragically inclined love affairs which drive one of my favorite manga; Angel Sanctuary. So many ships passing in the night, bursting on each other, or falling away into oblivion without a word. A beautiful and serene world whose cold surfaces never lose their warm core of hope held in the hearts of its actors throughout their trials, doomed as each may be.

The series features twenty volumes, two official art books: bearing the titles Angels Gate and Lost Angel, as well as a 3 episode OVA. All of which, I believe, is worth a look. There are also some audio dramas which I haven't had the chance, or the skill, to take a listen to.

 For this initial post I'm just going to outline a few I'm hoping to get to, but I'll be sure to spoiler all of that so we don't ruin anybody's fun. Also here is my initial post >>104, which I probably ought to have spoilered* as well ^^;

The complicated and incestuous love of the inorganic angel Rosiel directed at his sister the Organic angel Axiel both of whom hold the highest [pun] rank possible as three winged

Lucifer and his romantic involvements with other angels, fallen or otherwise and a few with humans to boot. what a dog ;)

Kurai, the soon to be dragon master of the Evils clan who occuppy the uppermost level of hell, with her relative Arcane and a bit the protagonist Setsuna

some more about Belial, the Mad Hatter, whom I love so much, but whose affairs are too numerous for an appropriate accounting here

Uriel the angel of death who keeps a sentient doll in the likeness of the water Angel Jebril,  and consequently Sara Mudo

The grotesquely entangled affairs of Sevothtarte Sandalphon and NidHegg 

a look at the various rabbits that inhabit the lower levels of heaven

Sarah and her effects on Raphael

Astoreth and Astarte the black and white snake siblings whom are cursed by god to inhabit the same body and never meet

maybe something about Setsuna and Sarah too, but their related story is perhaps too clear cut to be all that interesting despite the incest

*I hope this is how you spell it! if not I'm sorry.
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>>128 (OP) 
Thats the manga with the fashy angels that commit genocide on a lower class of red eyed angels they call rabbits because their sexual reproduction caused physical deformities in some of them right?
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